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Thread: Bens Log V 2.0

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    Thanks for the welcome back lionheart!

    Ok i trained legs today

    Leg curls seated
    120x20 150x20 Both were wamups
    180x10 200x10 200x8

    I did a series of very light stretching with my hamstrings and practiced getting deep into a squat in between sets of legs curls.

    Front squat
    barx10 135x10 again two warmups bc i had not done a quad exercise yet
    225x10 275x10 i used a belt and knee wraps 275x3( not sure what happened here my legs were still fatigued i guess i did not wait long enough bt sets. I dropped the weight to 225 and took my belt and wraps off and followed that set of 3 of very quickly with another set 225x10

    One legged leg press
    3 plates per sidex20 i didnt count this as a working set
    4platesx10 4platesx10 5platesx10 a plate is 45lbs in this instance

    leg extension( i sit towards the front of the machine when i do these and lean forward. It takes an enormous amount of stress off my knees and places it on the quadriceps muscle.

    90x10 90x10 90x10

    Stiff legged dead lift ( i do the most ever leg day but i cycle the weight I use and the place of this exercise in my routine. When i squat heavy i do this exercise last, and when i do my sets of 20 on squat i do this exercise second after laying leg curls)

    225x10 225x10 225x10

    Abdominals was a circuit between the exercises below. I did 3 rounds and did 30 reps oof every thing the first round and 20 reps of everything the second and third rounds. I alternate calves and abs with eachother.

    Leg lifts laying on the ground
    crunches to the left side
    crunches to the right side

    Sometimes i finish with a bridge or plank whatever you want to call it and i hold that for 60 seconds. Today i did not do the bridge/ plank.


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    Elvira turns me on Natzo's Avatar
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    Aug 2008
    Setúbal - Portugal
    keep progressing Ben.

    already lifting decent weights!

    Bens Log V 2.0

    Natzo's LOG - Check my workouts!ASC 09 Top 5 pick Champion'10 MM fantasy Football league Champion

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    Chest and triceps and calfs

    Rotator cuff warm up exercises

    Flat barbell bench
    45x10 135x10 225x12 275x11 315x5

    Incline barbell press
    225x10 225x6 225x8

    decline barbell press
    225x10 225x4 185x10 185x10 185x9

    Skull crushers
    90x10 90x10 90x10

    db extension like bent over like ronnie does in the unbelievable video
    30x20 30x19 30x15

    rope push down
    60x20 70x18 70x15

    Seated calf raise
    90x15 135x12 180x10 180x8 180x9 135x10 135x10 135x10

    Reverse calf raise to work the tibialis anterior
    i did 6 sets of my body weight i went to failure on the first set with 34 reps then i let 10 seconds pass and did a set of 12, i did that 4 more times with the ten second time period so i finished off with 6 sets for the tibialis anterior.


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    Mecca V.I.P. Lionheart's Avatar
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    Strong presses ben!!
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBen View Post
    db extension like bent over like ronnie does in the unbelievable video
    30x20 30x19 30x15
    Kick backs!?


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    yes Lion heart.

    Back and biceps

    barbell row
    135x10 135x10 225x10 315x10 315x10

    barbell row from the ground. my back wa parallel to the ground
    225x10 225x10 225x10

    barbell row pulled to my uper chest again back paraller to the ground and i used a close grip
    135x10 135x10 135x10

    wide grip pull down
    150x10 175x10 200x10

    biceps curl machine wide grip
    150x20 175x10 175x10

    reverse grip curls wide grip
    80x10 80x10 80x10

    super setted with
    high cable curls
    40x10 40x10 40x10

    dumb bell preacher curls
    35x10 35x10 35x10

    standing calf raise

    reverse calf raise to work tibialis anterior


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    Mecca V.I.P. PrinceVegeta's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    The Hague, Netherlands, Netherlands
    Lots of rowing! nice session there man!

    Bens Log V 2.0

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