Yeah, it's been a long time since my last post here... 2 whole years, LOL.

I'm not sure if I'll post every training session again, like before, but I need to update this soon, or sooner than last time, for sure.

My current split is a 4 day a week one. I train on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. First day is Legs and delts, second Back and tris, third chest and bis, and then repeat.

As you may have realised, I repeat one training day each week, I mean, this week I'll hit 2 times "Legs and delts", next I'll do the same with "Back and tris" and so on. I feel pretty well rotating those training days.

I'm heavier than ever and my bodyfat isn't very high, but not the low level I target. Currently, as of April, 29th, 2009 I'm 23 y/o, 173cm- 5' 7.5'' (sp? :D), 79.5kg - 176lb.

They might be no shocking stats, but I'm pretty sure I did my best in the gym (not dieting, I admit) in the last 12 months... I though my workouts were heavy, maybe they were, but nowadays they are a walk through hell. And I'm pretty satisfied with the results.

My goal is to bulk up more (I'll not hurry up) this year... my goal as of today is to be 82-84kg (180-184lbs) but harder. I'll drop BF when I got heavy enough.

PS: remember I'm a midget! :D