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    Chest on Monday 6/2/2008

    DB Incline Press to 110's x 4
    Incline barbell Press - to 215 x 6+185 x 12
    Hammer Strength incline press - to 3-45's+25 each side x 4 + 3-45's x 6 + 2-45's x 12
    Pec Deck - to stack + 2 - 45's x 6 + stack + 1-45 x 5 + stack x 6
    Cable fly's - to 17(not sure of weight) x 8 + multiple drops
    Pushups - 60 - good burn out of that

    I am what I am and that's all that I am, I'm Popeye the Sailor Man, Woo, Woo.

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    Mecca V.I.P. Lionheart's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Nice arm session and chest killer.Your moving some heavy weights there


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    Thanks Lionheart. They feel heavy to me, but I have some beasts at my gym so it never seems heavy enough.

    Anyway, today was my deadlift only day. I really thought about going up to a single attempt at 545, but I just was not feeling it today, so here is what I did.



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    I fail at doing this every day, oh well. Since my dl day I have had a leg day - nothing special - highlight was 1 ass to the floor rep at 365 - been a while since I tried that, a shoulder day, again nothing special, seated db presses to 85's x 6, some smith machine behind the necks, normal shoulder stuff, Friday was back day - did some nice barbell rows with an even 300lbs, 5 reps to be exact, today was arms only, close grips to 225x6 - good for me - I suck at them, barbell curls only to 125 - I had been going heavier but I really focused on form and squeeze today instead of just moving some weight. Sunday will be off, Monday will be chest, tuesday will be deadlift and then I will be in Arkansas until next Monday - but I should not miss any workouts while I am there. Later all.


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