OK let me HELP you guys see things from a different angle.... in 1996 when they "gave a war and both Ronnie and Dorian showed up" ... Dorian was 34 Ronnie 32. They both trained presumably using the same "technology" available at the time. No one from Dorians camp went to Ronnies and stabbed him in the ribs or anything! When they showed up at the Olympia Dorian won with a considerable margin!
End of Story!
Now why compare a Ronnie that had trained 7 years more than the 96 Dorian.... every year Bodybuilders get "braver and braver" with the stuff they use. My point is when both were competing there was NOT much of a difference between their ages, both trained their hearts out, both were using the "prevalent technology".... and on the stage Dorian beat Ronnie EVERY F***ING INSTANCE!!!