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    YOU'RE A LIAR! Please tell me you are lying about the weigh you are shiftin on legs! Please.

    For the love of God it defies the laws of physics!!!! Incredible.


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    just amazing leg work big man:D those leg presses are just beyond what i thought was possible, one of these days ull be repping out 2000 lbs leg presses like ronnie does:D

    cant wait to hear how that fight went...

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    Pumba- You're the one that's pushed me to take my bi's much more seriously; thank you for that, you crazy beast. Although if I were to find myself in the same ring as Sakuraba, he'd destroy me in about eleven seconds. I'd be too paralyzed with hero worship to do anything

    Rocky- It's really not that much; Future and RobRoy(wish they were still around) would smoke my work easily, and Turkish is right there with me as well. All and the same, I'm grateful for how well my leg's healed.

    Bulkboy- I can't find a machine that'll go higher than the 14-plates-and-change that my preferred does, and with the sorrounding gyms having complete wuss remodels my chances of finding one aren't likely to improve. I can always work on my form, as quality will always kick my butt as surely as quantity ever could. Ronnie's unreal though; I'd see my jupiter-sized cranium popping right off if I tried to hang with his work weights

    THank you again for the views and comments guys; they truly keep me going:) I'll toss up my workout from yesterday, then my fight recap and today's session after I get back from work tonight.


    Decline Barbell Press

    315X10(PB on reps-finally got that 10th:))

    Dumbbell Pullovers

    90X15(working warmup)

    Seated Hammer Strength Chest Press

    225X15(working warmup)

    Cable Crossovers

    100X15(working warmup)
    150X7(too heavy-haven't done these for a couple of months)

    Incline Barbell Press-My chest was completely fried at this point, but I decided to not neglect my upper pecs. These HURT....and were a little embarassing.



    Rope Pushdowns


    French Press


    Standing Dual Kickbacks

    50X15(working warmup)

    Bench Dips


    That was that, and it was done in about 54mins. I was pleased with the pace and intensity, even though my inclines were almost a little too humbling:keke: All and the same, it was truly satisfying.

    I do need to start up my n00b of the day section too....which I'll include tonight.


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    Damn man. That was a LOT of work to get done in that timeframe! Congrats on busting through to get 10 at that almighty weight and there's nothing embarassing about that incline weight regardless of the fact you'd already toasted them with all the other chest work prior to it! Strong tris too - there's a surprise! :)


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    just amazing work there bud, those presses are amazing!!! and ure unhappy with ur incline bb press cuz u only got 11 reps after all that other work:( i could maybe do 2-3 reps with 225 and only if it was in the beginning of my workout:crymeariver:



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    Mecca V.I.P. PUMBA's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by onebigeric View Post
    MMA write up tomorrow or so.
    Spoiler- 1st round submission...but on who?
    waiting lol............what bodypart do you want to bring up now mate?

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    Mecca V.I.P. Chesticles's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    I don't need to say how awesome your weights are man, seriously

    You better not of gotten beaten in the first round, or I'll have to come over there and kick your butt!

    At Nintendo

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    Mecca V.I.P. Turkish1530's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    dam brother, 315 x 10 on the decline and just sick weights all around.....crazy work monster

    *Natural Pro Bodybuilder*

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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    damn doing incline so late and you have nothing to be embarassed of at all. You still got good weight up and i bet those were a killer

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    Mecca V.I.P.
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    Dec 2006
    back at it and havent lost a beat, HEAVY ass weight


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    no wheres that fight update big man?


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    Rocky- If my tri's can stack in relative strength to your hamstrings, I'll be a happy man.

    Bulkboy- back at'cha.

    Pumba- Now I'm scared to mention anything to you anymore....my freaking arms hurt Just kidding....but not really.

    Chesticles- If you can beat Mike Tyson's Punchout I'll forever call you master, a'la Pai Mei. Or I'll just call you a liar and go off and sulk; you know, a 50/50 shot:dunnodude:

    Turkish- Thank you, fellow scary gym beast:D

    Fallen- I wasn't really planning on hitting those last few sets, but I really didn't like the thought of going through a chest session without hitting my upper chest.

    Rage- Thank you for hitting my log again:)

    Alrighty, falling off the boat a little in my log but not on the forum as a whole. I'll first toss up my last two sessions, then I'll detail my last contest.


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    Lat Pulldowns

    200X15(working warmup)

    Single Arm Dumbbell Rows


    Bent Low Dumbbell Rows

    50X15(wroking warmup)

    An okay session. I was training someone during said outing, so I wasn't able to do as much as I wanted to within the time I had. I honestly enjoy lifting alone more than with a partner, and this is one reason for such. A dedicated lifting hombre is a different matter, but a casual lifter just slows things down.


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    Incline Dumbbell Presses

    80X15(working warmup)
    120X10(cap weight at my 'rennovated' gym)

    Incline Barbell Press


    Dumbbell Pullovers


    Cable Crossovers



    Preacher Curls-these gave me a sick pump; stretching was freaking essential to continue on what I feel to be my weakest bodypart.

    85X15(working warmup)

    Concentration Curls

    Olympic Bar Curls Superset w/behind the back wrist curls


    A much more satisfying outing here. I was pleased with my bicep work, and my chest time didn't feel shabby at all either. I've also lost that inner pain I was briefly having on my inner right pectoral- stupid flat bench. I had a decent max back a few years, but I never want to touch that stupid dino-lift again


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    Fight, fight, fight, fight.

    So this was an invitational, again headed up by my buddy at his MMA academy. I had decent notice on the fight itself, but I had no idea who I was actually fighting until about two days out. I don't enjoy going into a bout blind like that, but there were outside factors that just made that the way that it was; no worries:dunnodude:

    So I find out that I'm stepping in with a cat named Bergman. I knew absolutely nothing about the guy, and the calls that I made in inquiring about such turned up little. 'He's big' was all I got...sweet

    So fight night rolls up and I'm warming up backstage. I feel good, and my gas seems to be in fine form. I really had no base to prepare for, so I just upped my cardio in anticipation of such. I entered to cheers this time(which I have to admit felt cool, especially considering my situation there last time), and I rile the crowd up a little when I hit the ring.

    I feel strong but not wired, confident but not cocky; perfect, as far as I'm concerned. I was just calm and ready, which I again found surprising considering I've never even seen the guy. His in-house track hits and he makes his way down.....and I was a little confused. Guy was maybe 5'8", but he looked to be around 240. Un-muscle was in force as well; guy looked like a HW from Bodog:dunnodude:

    So the bell rings and I walk to center ring with my arm outstretched- touch gloves and all that. It's all about mutual respect, but apparently this guy didn't get the memo. Knowing full well what I was doing, the guy smiles at me, and then tries to shoot while I'm off guard. He wrapped me and spun me around a bit, and then we were in the ropes.

    Okay, this irritated me right off the bat. He took a cheap shot, and the crowd actually booed him for it-good marks on them. The guy starts trying to get a sweep, but I planted and semi-sprawled to stop that. This was a good defensive move, but it made it impossible for me to mount any offense with my knees. The payoff was good enough though, as the guy kept worrying at me like a dog to get a takedown that wasn't going to happen.

    He keeps at this for nearly a minute, and that just bugs me more. First off he tried to cheap shot me(and did a crappy job at that), and now he's making this a boring fight. So I took a sliding step to my right to get off the ropes when the chance presented itself, planted my hands on his head and shoved hard down and away as I quickly step-slid backward. He tried to pick a leg on my way out, but he really only ate a little canvas. I let him get back up, and we continued.

    So what does he do? He tries to shoot again. The guy is a freaking one-trick pony, and it's seriously getting old at this point. So instead of a straight sprawl, I semi-stepped to the side and got him in a Thai clinch when he tried to stand up. Now he had a big advantage over me with having a lower center, but with this clinch I could drop my weight down into my arms, which helped pin him in the position. From there I started in with knees. Oddly enough, he didn't try to protect his body much; he kept trying to loop shots over the clinch at my head, but our height difference made this tough for him.

    After a bit of this, I started throwing elbows in a release/re-grab fashion. They're tough to do, but if you can make them work, they suck. Guy started to get a little shaky(breathing, punches, overall motion, etc.), so I decided to transition into a takedown. I switched to underhooks, bent my knees, hoisted him in pivot and slammed him onto his back; the crowd liked that I'm just glad I had enough room to do it.

    I transitioned from side control to a top mount and started to fire down some shots. He made a decent run at defending, but I started to loop my punches into the sides of his head more; they landed through more to boot. I could feel him gathering his legs for what's called a buck-and-roll; basically an attempt to roll your opponent onto his back from your back. He didn't have anything on me secured though, and his legs slipped to the side halfway through(could feel them grating on my butt). All I did was release me knees for a second and prop myself up on them; whamo, he's rolled onto his stomach and I have his back.

    I hear the one minute call from my corner, and I honestly didn't want this to go to a second round. My hooks are in and I sprawl him, so I start to fire shots into the sides of his head. I don't know how long it was, but he eveantually went unresponsive after a nice right connected with on his ear.
    Referee stepped in, and it was done.

    Official call - Submission due to strikes at 4:34 of the first round. Felt more like a KO/TKO to me, but meh:dunnodude:

    Funny thing was, other than being a little tired, I came out of this one looking like a rose. A fairly unattractive and large headed rose, but one all the same. It was a nice change, but it was a little weird all the same.

    So my official standing is now at 18-1. I still don't feel like I have what it would take to actually hack it in professional MMA, but I'm happy about my experience all the same.


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    those are two sick sessions Eric, the back rows are insane, and those presses of yours are just amazing, i wanna rep out 315 too!!!:crymeariver:

    that fight story was awesome, u write very well and it makes it very interessting to read, im glad it all ended well, another victory, and no injuries this time either keep those sessions coming m8


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    Great sessions as always. Huge preachers. Don't know why you were disappointed with the benching - may not be your usual mighty weight but it's still 315 for reps buddy!

    Quality job on the fight too. Excellent write up as usual. What a tool that guy was with the cheap shot at the start, just as well you gave him what for! Good work man.


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    Mecca V.I.P. fallen's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    2 in a row for the kid. Looks great. Ha Ha at the idiot for the cheap shot. I'm glad you put a beating on that disrespectful asshole.


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