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    Legs session is very impressive LMAO at the 2.5

    Where are the hammies

    Keep it up big bro this is good insperation man, i like seeing u hitting that hard!



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    FF- I guess the fact that I was naked may have just freaked the guy out a bit

    Base- BSN is lame, and thank you for your ever-present support in my log:)

    Ben- It's a complete wuss incriment, but hey, upward and onward I wasn't even sure I could get the press up with 13 to a side, otherwise the increase would've been larger; I find I can push my additions more with quads than I can with other bodyparts. I usually don't train hamstrings with quads though, as I find one invariably takes away from the other. They will be today though, likely with back. Placing them a few days apart helps my legs to be fresh and warm for both.

    Yesterday ended up just being chest, as I realized I didn't really have to rush anything this week. Today will be back, hams, and likely triceps; looking forward to that in a big way:D So here we go...


    Incline Barbell Press

    340X10(PB )

    Flat Dumbell Flyes(Thumbs in really focuses on my chest)


    Decline Barbell Press


    Dumbell Pullovers

    120X13(PB )

    All done in about an hour, and an excellent workout to boot. The 2.5 additions on my incline press is safely out of wuss territory for me[or at least I'll tell myself that], namely because my pectorals are tear-free, and I'd like to keep them that way. Small increases avoid injuries, plain and simple. No pain in my elbows either, so the gradual add-ons have that definite benefit as well Now it's time for.....

    The n00b of the Day

    -This distinction actually goes to a team today. Two older gentlemen, I'd say late 40's, picked up the nod. Now I'm a hard-liner concerning respect to others in my personal conduct, especially toward those older/wiser than me, but everyone has their moments; these were theirs. We'll call them blue shirt and chain, namely because the latter always wears a thick-linked chain fastened with a padlock around his neck, apparently everywhere he goes Think Quinton Jackson meets Flavor Flav.

    So blue shirt ambles out of the locker room and starts talking to chain, who's been standing on a bench with 225 loaded for about twenty minutes. Blue shirt then walks over and pulls the 90's, laying them on the only open flat bench while chucking his log book on the bench next to it. I already moved said book earlier to use a unit, so I guess the point didn't get across. He then goes back to talking to chain talk for about five, leaving his debris in the way. Then blue shirt walks over and proceeds to pump out chest presses with 90lbs....and a reverse grip....cold. Huh He then racks the 90's, and lays the 100's back on 'his' bench; I actually swipe one of the 100's to do a set of pullovers. Then it's back to talking with chain, who then proceeds to eek out a dangerous looking set of barbell presses; gets about five and a quarter, complete with 'did that break his sternum?' bounces. As I'm getting ready to hit the showers, I see blue shirt pump out another quizzical set of his dangerous[for him; said technique is advanced and beneficial, but the keyword here is advanced; this gentleman doesn't fit the bill for such a lift. Wonder which 'trainer' showed it to him] presses, getting about four and a half. Then it's back yapping with chain, who's been standing around doing nothing.

    So they did three sets combined between them in the time it took me to do ten, all while taking up three benches to boot. Post-shower and twenty minutes later, upon emerging from the locker room I saw they were still right where I left them. That's what landed them both the dubious honor of being n00bs of the day.

    Stand or fall, but choose.

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    your strong bro! Impressive numbers alll across the board specailly the flyes man! Keep doin it OBE!



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    Good chest session there m8 Dammit, you are just too gawd damn strong (325lbs for 10 on incline BB)! Ah well, just gives me some motivation to get my god damn lifts higher! haha. Congrats on that PB btw m8, awesome job!


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    Ben- Thank you:) I only throw in one fly motion into any chest workout, so the flats felt good.

    Base- You're doing just fine, but if I can somehow motivate you then that humbles me

    Well, for what it's worth, here's a pic of me.
    Eric's Log - "About Dang Time"
    Seeing myself in focus really brings the fact to light that it's time for some serious cardio commitment on my part. I've been too concerned with rebuilding my strength post surgery, so I neglected an area that I didn't before I wouldn't be surprised if I'm pushing 17 or 18% at this point, so that'll be another change. Although I did turn my recovery into a modified bulk, so no worries, I guess. Stinking endomorph...I've always carried some fat.


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    I'll throw up my back/hams/forearms session from today tomorrow morning. It was a bit of a milestone for me, so I'm a little excited


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    Mecca V.I.P. PUMBA's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by onebigeric
    I'll throw up my back/hams/forearms session from today tomorrow morning. It was a bit of a milestone for me, so I'm a little excited
    that's nasty, it's my job to build suspence around here loooool.

    Awesome power displayed in all sessions, good to see a few PB's thrown in there mate, big effort.

    Totally enjoyed the Noob of the day stories.....looool

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    "The Crow That Mimics The Cormarant Always Drowns"- Japanese Proverb

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    Mecca V.I.P. Chesticles's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Huge weights as usual bro, I dig your Ronnie Coleman style of training, heavy ass weights and lots of reps

    Lookin huge in your pics to, is that just a relaxed pose? I'd like to see you hit a rear lat spread or a side chest or something. I wouldn't worry about your BF%, mines not low either, But if you keep gettin bigger then it don't matter.

    Quote Originally Posted by onebigeric
    As I was about halfway through applying various no-stink and de-ugly products to my lug body
    That line got me dude

    “Unless a man undertakes more
    than he possibly can do, he will
    never do all that he can.”

    - Henry Drummond

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    Mecca V.I.P. philosopher's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    The Netherlands
    Looking massive in that pic bro. Keep up the good work

    liberation trough self brutalization, real men don't fear pain and thus can't be controlled.

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    Pumba- Just doing what I can to add to the tension An awesome power comment coming from you definitely motivates me to go higher

    Chesti- Thank you:) Jep, that was just a relaxed pose. I don't dig this camera, as it erases most of my lines. I'll toss up some more pics soon though. Vanity is hard to appease, I guess Oh, and thank you for laughing at my grammatical craziness

    Philosopher- Thank you for the encouragement:D It took me around fifteen minutes to actually take a pic I felt was passable. How lame is that

    Okay, so yesterday was a little crazy/awesome. As a result of such, the layout will be a little mixed, as I'll list the lifts in the actual order that I did them. Back and Hams were a little blended, but forearms were at least in place.


    Barbell Rows

    335X7(PB )


    405X7(PB on reps )

    I guess these deserve a little explanation. Line and Pumba have had me thinking about the 500 Club a bit lately, so I began to be a little curious as to what I could actually do. This is the first time I've deadlifted since my knee scope, so I thought a semi-warmup with my SLDL's would be a prudent choice. It turned out to be very freaking prudent. Line, Pumba; thank you for inspiring and driving me

    500 CLUB, BABY!!!!
    sorry....pride moment out of the way there
    Those felt so good, I figured I might as well do some drops.

    Lying Leg Curls

    160X15(working warmup)

    Lat Pulldowns

    300X7(PB )

    Seated Rows

    255X10(PB )

    Standing Wide Grip Pulldowns(Again, the weight was lighter on this stack; numbers are usually lower on this)



    Reverse Preacher Curls


    Behind the Back Barbell Wrist Curls


    So yesterday was a milestone day for sure. I felt confident and powerful in my deadlifts, another big step back for me. Joining the 500 Club was a definite high as well. Thank you again to everyone who's viewed and posted in my log:D

    Here it is......
    The n00b of the Day

    -Today's award goes to an oblivious teen/college student, likely one of the worst I've ever encountered. I'd just finished my second set of wide grip pulldowns, and was contemplating doing a third. My back was beyond crispy, so I was delibirating a bit.

    I'm standing nearly close enough to make out with the bar, when out of nowhere this quizzical little child appears. He steps past me and begins to unhook the lat bar I'd attatched, the piece of equipment I'm standing about four inches away from. Now distance confusion can occur at times where usage is concerned, but Stevie Wonder could've seen I was using this fine piece of iron. So I did the proper thing; gave him a pitying half-smile and openly chuckled in derised amusement. The look on the kid's face was a guilty pleasure, whereupon he stammered an inquiry as to whether or not I was 'using this'. I just gave him a little shake of my head, another pitying smile, and told him I was all done.

    This n00b has nearly surpassed all other n00bs in the history of man[ although this was the same gym in which another uber-n00b tried to give me the 'bench in front of my legs' advice for pulldowns, so I guess the location is infused with ignorance]. Pulling equipment out of someone's face like that is like trying to borrow their pants while they're deadlifting. That's anti-ettiquete/basic human awareness; it's almost like an active desire to be a n00b. Scary


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    Mecca V.I.P.
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    Sep 2006
    Great workout, especially on rows and deads. 515 for a double is just amazing, you got alot of strength and alot to be proud of


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    Mecca V.I.P. Project Evo's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    OMG!!! Colossal numbers OBE. Massive,massive,massive!! Super huge congrats on the P.B's sir, you are indeed a man mammoth. Those deads are worthy of the highest butt-kissing praise I can only imagine. Well done matey, I bow before thee!

    If you go, you grow...if you grow, you show...if you show, you know!

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    Dobbs- Thank you very much:) You keep doing what you're doing though, and you'll be far ahead of me when you reach my age.

    Evo- Welcome back! Excellent to see you back on the forum Oh, and no bowing is necessary. I'm just trying to keep up with the rest of you around here, dead serious.

    I can't do the right work without you guys. Thank you again:D


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    Wow, i have just gotta say, it's a pleasure to read through your log bud, you obviously give your workouts alot of intensity (515 for 2!!!, Well done on hitting the 500 club btw, awesome acheivement) and you also make your log enjoyable with the ever entertaining "N00b of the day" section, really really good log man, hope you can keep preogressing and hit the 1000 club , in the near future!!! With your obvious work ethic, i'm sure it isn't out of reach m8, well done!


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    Base- As always, thank you for your encouragement I think RobRoy is pretty dang close to that 1000 club, though


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    Quote Quote
    I think RobRoy is pretty dang close to that 1000 club, though
    Yeah, that guy is crazy!


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    OBE joining the 500 club Hizzy!!!!!

    crazy job bro, thats like 5 of me right there...good practice for later


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    Thanks, CC:D

    Oh, and your sig is awesome.


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