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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpin View Post
    lol wow u guys are all retarded on this thread i started this thread like WAY back atleast 6 months or more ago and ur all still going on it? wow u guys it was about weed and me being a dumb ass rude to ppl and now u guys are all being imature about it? honestly u guys i said sry to braaq on a post i dont member which one but i know i did and if i have to i will again sry braaq but omg man u think im fat and dumb and am weak? buddy u need to grow up....
    That was a long time ago, and was a response to what you said. But I accepted your apology and we are on good terms now so it's all good

    [April|MOTM] Braaq
    weed and supplements?

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    lol at Pumpin bein a douche.

    She really looks like someone set her face on fire and put it out with a bike chain.

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    skeptic did u not read what braaq said? maybe ur the douche? and grow up?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumpin View Post
    soviet ur fucked up lol ur a light weight and u smoke blunts eh haha
    I have to use a pipe when I smoke here and there. It makes your shit last much longer and I get retarded off blunts :keke:


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    lol omg u smoke weed and this page was all just raggin on me... lol fuck man yea pipes and bongs make it last the longest i personally prefer my water bong and a jamaican hot box yeeeeee hahaha


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    Mecca Maniac Fatality's Avatar
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    Dec 2007
    Pumpin, are you even into bodybuilding? Seems to me your just here to talk about what you prefer to do when you smoke? I mean, at least have an avatar with a bodybuilder or at least a sig that's in relation to bodybuilding..? And another thing, don't put down the members of Mecca, you're in no position to do so.

    weed and supplements?

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    uhm yea i am into bodybuilding if i wasnt i wouldnt even think of going onto this website and when was the last time i put down any one other then saying soviet is fucked cause he says hes a lightweight yet he smokes blunts and before that was braaq and were all good now... i train almost every day depending on how my body feels my diet lately just by cowinsadence i dont know how spell that word just sound it out if u can has been of mostly protien low fat ect so yea i am actually into body building and i am prob bigger then quite a few ppl on this site i just how to get leaner and thats why i have been eating more protien high meals it helps burn the fat more so yea dont just start assuming stuff man


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    and sense when do u need a "sig" or an "avatar" to be into body building if u think u need that to be into body building when body building is being physical not sitting on ur ass like i am for once pretty much telling u how dumb u just sounded about a sig and a avatar omg man u may have lots of rep and ect doesnt mean much when ur a body builder and on the computer i honestly just come on here for questions and the videos and advice this post started atleast 6 months ago man


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