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    For rear delts (need help)

    I was training my rear delt (last time) bend looking downward for 25 to 28 reps because it doesn't hit my rear pretty hard. Am i doing it in wrong way? I need to be enlightened in here because my rear delt is seriously one of my lagging body part and i don't have machines at home to do it properly.I only have a bench,dumbbells and bars and I have no time to go in the gym(hectic school schedule). I workout at home always.But for my back, I do body weight pull ups.Actually it's been a while now since I posted here.

    Thanks in advance for all of your awesome,spectacular advice.

    Keep rocking yo!

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    I believe that a lot of posterior deltoid work is done with heavy back movements such as bent over rows, t bar rows, one arm rows etc. However, if you are looking for a good isolation movement that you will feel, do the bent over reverse flies that you are doing but try pronating your hands and flaring your lats. Pronating (knuckles facing completely forward) will help you hammer those rear delts and flaring the lats will help you use less back and more delt. Hope this helps!


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    A good exercise I always do is this.

    Walk up to a cable machine or what ever its called, place the cable at shoulder height.
    Grap the cable, locking your elbow at 90 degres, and with your palmside down pull the arm back. Its like the dumbbell press move. but backwards. Only go straight out and not further.

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    For rear delts (need help)

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    Thanks fellas,I am too busy from last week..

    appreciated your help.




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