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Thread: Confused

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    ok guys, I'm officially confused. I read on T nation where they directly correlated calf insertion points with like literally the rest of your body. they say that most V tapered guys have genetically gifted wide shoulders, big pecs, arms, and wide lats. I can't tell where the fuck half of my insertions are. I have pretty wide shoulders. My lats are best bodypart, but they may be high iinserted(cant fuckin tell).Question is, is high inserted lats bad, also calvd insertions. Arms grew to 18 in one year of training, but that still doesn't answer it lol.
    -matter of a fact, all you smart dudes make a list of all the bodyparts, and tell me (from a good bb physique standpoint)where all the good insertion points are. Just wanted to know cuz it's hard to tell where they are and what bodytype I am.Sor ry for being a dummy, but i think many people will like to see a list of bodyparts and good insertion points. Thanks fellas

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    sorry, I will follow up with ex:
    -Arms(bi and tri)
    -legs(if possible)
    -traps(if possible)
    thanks again dudes


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    pics of those examples are not expected, but will greatly help me lol


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    Now im confused.


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    dude all i am asking for is a list of all the bodyparts and where good insertion points are, thats it. It is kinda confusing lol


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    bi's- biceps brachii will insert further away from the elbow to make a great peak ex. ronnie coleman is an example of good insertion, kevin levrone example of a poor insertion point (even though I love his physique)
    tri's- the long head and lateral head insert higher up toward the shoulder allowing the long head to "horshoe" toward elbow. examples are cutlers and victors
    lats- lat insertion is low toward the hips. you wont be able to tell your insertion unless you have a lot of muscle! victor and jay again both have great insertion of lats
    Calves- medial and lateral head of gastrocnemius insert lower down on leg towards the middle. Jay is a great example
    Legs- The only thing I can think of for this is the insertion of the vastus lateralis. I think a good insertion is low towards the knee (branch warren) as opposed to higher up (bob chicherillo and victor)
    Traps and pecs- cant think of anything other than big!

    Just some of my views that may help you out. I am sure many would have other things to say, and other people to use as examples.


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    dude, creator, ure amazing . Thnx so much. My only deal is I'm bulking for a year now(130 pounds to 216)and I can still see some definition but not crazy definition, so I can't tell if I have awesome peaks on my bis. I can feel it, and it isn't football shaped like levrone's, but I can't imagine them looking like ronnnies either. I actually like levron'es shape better; they look bigger. Thanks anyway dude.


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    yeah it is definately a little harder to tell when bulked! I think training for the best size and balance you can with the genes you are given is all you can do! Some guys spend a lot of time "training for a peak" and its just never going to happen if the genetic insertion isnt in place.


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    true man..but I think I do have a peak cuz i can see it when I do the front double bi cable curls..if that counts lol


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    I asked my brother if he used to have one when he bb, and he said he had a huge peak, so maybe ..


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