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    Food that helps clean body? help

    Im some stuff (prohormones) and I was wondering what I can add to my diet that will help support a healthy immune system, and basically clean my body? Or help it run better. So basically what foods are good to eat to help sustain a healthy system while im on my cycle? thanks hope to hear from you, also if you got any links to sites or forums for this would be helpful. thanks

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    drink lots of water its a natural diaretic ya piss alot nd ur system gets refreshed

    Food that helps clean body? help[/

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    I drink between 2-3+ gallons of water a day. I sweat perfusly when I lift youd think I was trying to hydrate a 3rd world country with all my sweat...thats one thing i dislike about the stuff im on


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    Lots of water and eat healthy, if you don't have any conditions its as simple as that.


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    cranberries, i would suggest vegetable juice from a juicer. Vitamins are tissue cleansers and minerals are tissue builders so i would go with like carrot apple juice in the morning and cranberry juice in the evening. Mabye try to squeeze one lemon into a gallon of warm water. U might also try beet juice that is a big time liver mover, you would be surprised the size of your bowel the next morning. Also dont be worriedabout the brightly colored poo seriously your juicing bright orange and darm maroon foods it comes out pretty much the same way, nothing to be nervous about.

    a Juicer is the way i would go, and herbs also. Juice vegetables by themselves and juices fruits by themselves. The apple can go into a fruit or vegetable drink. If u juice citrus fruits you must peel off the color of everything citrus but the lemon and lime bc it has oils that arent digestable in the body. Also if u juice melons juice the rine and everything bc that is where 90 % of the nutrients are at in the melon, exspecially cholorine. Also a great source f anti oxidants. Also if you do decide to use a juicer drink the juice immediately after it is juiced bc it will start oxidizing and then after about 5 minutes it is bad to drink bc you would basically be drinking free radicals.

    Also if u take the vegetable juicer route as long as your juicing carrots and apples once a day like 16 oz of carrot appele juic eu can stop taking your multi vitamin, bc your getting EVERYTHING u need vtamin and mineral wise, and all the live enzymes as well.

    God bless


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    ^^^ good post Ben
    Tea is another good one.

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