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    Fair enough - it doesn't surprise me especially considering the world record holder for various eating competitions is an Asian guy who can't weigh more than 90lb.

    true life im a competitive eater


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    well i weight about two hundo, kobayashi(the asian guy) weights like 175, and the new record holder weights something like 220, but he's tall.

    but yeah, no fat guys win anymore

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    Like Worlds Strongest man used to be...or not.

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    Here you are Gumby. I challenge you:

    134lb burger:


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    Mecca V.I.P. Chesticles's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Will someone get this episode to download for me already

    “Unless a man undertakes more
    than he possibly can do, he will
    never do all that he can.”

    - Henry Drummond

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    that burger is so gross. 50lb's of bread, that is rediculous. i'll stick with the six pound ones.

    yesterday i nailed down about 50 huge fucin chicken wings and a pint of ice cream. i then went to bed at five o clock because the digestion was taking a toll on me. lol.

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