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Thread: Jungle Warfare

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    Jungle Warfare

    Im going on a cycle of this stuff and other arli stuff but I was wondering what bottle has the steroid products in it? Theres a green/red bottle. I've been on almost every forum from anabolicminds-bb.com forums and they keep going back and forth which one has it and what this products all about so i'd like to try it. Does anyone know what bottle has it in it? theres a old bottle = red and new one which is green:dunnodude:

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    The red one is the steroid.


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    Steroid product? I actually rep for ALRI and I know that some people have made some negative claims that were not try pushed by Patrick Arnold.

    JW is a solid product while having no issues to cause a failed test in natural federations.


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    I understand dont get me wrong alri is a great company and has quality product but the so called"steroid" one had better results so I wanted to try that version


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    There are peopel who did some blood testing before and after a JW cycle. All came back with the same awnser, its more than a supp. I cant tell you this from my own experience but just what ive seen from others.

    Take a look at this if you wanna know more: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showth...ungle+the+true

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