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    ^ In football (soccer) you play the other team. IN golf you play a 150 players and the course (hard as hell) . No other sport contains this many variables or people to play against.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironslave View Post
    Also understand where you are coming from, Pioneer, but you need to look at how hard it is to win in golf, and especially win at the level Tiger is doing, it's unlike anything that has ever been done in sports.

    The margin of error in golf is the absolute smallest in all of sports, by far. Hockey, soccer(football), basketball, tennis, pretty much anything along those lines, you miss a shot by a little bit, oh well, it can still go in, and you may still even score. In golf, you miss a shot by even the slightest degree, on what is an extremely complex motor task, and the ball may go flying into a lake, and cost you an entire round/tournament.

    There are 32 teams in the champions league, yes? That works against it, because it is much much easier to make a league of 32 teams, than it is to play on the PGA tour and finish in the top 150 on the money list.

    There is NO harder sport than golf to "make it big" in.
    Thanks IS, you've pretty much said what I was going to say! There are just so many chances to play in football. I mate of mine was a pro-footballer as a junior but broke his hand (goalie) so he missed out on the majors. But he was saying that their is a lot of culling of players to get to the pros but you still get more chances to play, hell someone took his place.

    Just another point is that golf isn't (usually) a team sport. When you have some other good players around you supporting your efforts it is far easier to perform well than if you have to do it all yourself. With few exceptions (Pele, George Best) you rarely get one player in Football that just simply dominates. I would have loved to have seen George Best keep off the sauce and dominate all the time, but he still had 10 other guys there helping out unlike Tiger who has to pay for everyone of his mistakes and dig himself out of trouble.

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