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    Question for Mecca's Big Squatters...

    A question about leaning forward:

    I'm shooting to enter my first powerlifting contest next year.
    Currently, I weigh a soft and pudgy 165 pounds. I plan to eventually cut down to compete in the 148 class.

    My PB's

    Squat: 365
    Deadlift: 365
    Bench Press: 275

    Now, my question is about bar placement and leaning forward in competitions. Usually, I squat in a high bar position and keep my torso as vertical as I can. However, when I test my max, I place the bar on my lower traps/rear delts, and also end up leaning forward. If I use a low-bar position and allow myself to lean forward, I can add quite a bit to my max.

    Is it ok to lean forward and use a low bar position in a competition? All the big squatter I see max out tend to do this; I'm just wondering if this is "legal" in a meet. Sometime later I'll post vids to give you an idea.

    FYI, I always keep my torso vertical and go ATG when I train, except on those rare days I test my max.

    Thoughts? Comments?

    For example, compare these two vids.


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    Yes, in fact that is the best way to squat. It should help to keep you from leaning forward until you get really low. Squatting this way helps put the pressure or make the fulcrum in your hips rather than your lower back. I have several power lifting friends and that is how they place the bar on their backs, so to answer your question you can and should put that bar lower on your traps and rear delts.
    Good luck with your training broskie and let us know how a comp goes when you enter

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    Question for Mecca's Big Squatters...

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    Mecca V.I.P. philosopher's Avatar
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    Jep its ok, that way you can incorporate more muscle which could lead to the use of more weight.

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    Mecca V.I.P. PrinceVegeta's Avatar
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    lower on the traps is fine....as long as u dont mess up your form!!

    Question for Mecca's Big Squatters...

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    I will definately be posting a log as the date approaches. "The Fatter, Lazier Lifterdead."




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