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Thread: Straps

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    As some of you know, I'm coming off of a 3 week layoff from bis and back(stopped workin everything else last week) because of a tendon "tightness". Well the ortho. surg. says to lay of little bit longer and see if it's okay. Given that the tendon or muscle(whichever "really" had the problem) is getting better progressively by the time I talk to the surg. again, I will be starting back lighter than EVER to get back into it.

    My question is this. I think i need to use straps to keep forearm and tendon mostly out of play on a lot of movements. Is this a good idea?
    I was thinking about the gasp straps because they are sexy. what do you guys thnk?

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    sexy straps? lol, straps are a great training tool. I suggest Harbringer, but you can get any brand you want.

    [April|MOTM] Braaq

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    sweet . Thanks. I just like the gasp logo lol. Yea I've never used straps, but I'm not real concerned about my forearms growing, they grow pretty good. Hell, if I have to ill do some wrist curls or something


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    Mecca V.I.P. philosopher's Avatar
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    Like braaq said, its a good trainings tool although caution with that tendon is still needed.

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    thanks guys..I'm still waiting on that tendon to heal..it's been almost 4 weeks since bicep and back workout, and I'm beginning to think it's not my tendon..it might be part of my muscle it's just been soo long since it started getting like this. I wish it was painfull, then I would have takenn care of it right then. That's what sucks, this doesn't hurt at all


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    Mecca V.I.P. Beefcake's Avatar
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    I use Harbinger if I ever use straps. It's rare that I'll use them though. Same with wrist-wraps. Although, I will recomend GASP knee-wraps. It helps if, like me, you have bad knees on squats and leg movements.

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