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    EST Methyl Mass w/ Propadrol

    Hello eveyone,

    Yesterday I was excited in buying my self my new stack of proteins after cycling off them for two months. I was decided in getting Cell Mass by BSN but the sells person told me that is was use less so I end up buying Up Your Mass, Amino Fuel & he highly recomended Methyl Mass with Propadrol from EST Nutrition. He kept on telling me how great this product was and how it was second to none by far better than BSN N.O. Explode or related pre-work out supps. So I did buy after all and just to kill time I did reaserch in my spare time on this product and to my surprise..... This product is consider a "Pro Hormone", it freaked me out since most pro hormones are said by many to be anabolic steroids if not closely related & as well you have to take into consideration side effects such as liver issues, androgenic (opposite sex patterns), and acne..... Ohh! and one more Post Cycle Treatment. To be honest I do whant to bulk up but I'm not willing to jeopardise my health just to achieve physique or strugle with side harsh side effects. Perhaps I'm being paranoid and judging this product & thats exactly why I would love to read some advice!!! Has anyone tried it before? If so how harsh was it? Is it really hard core?

    I'm 21 allready so my age would'nt be an issue, I'm just wanting advise over this product and if it happens to be hard core how to manage it wisely.

    Thank YOU =)

    **Methyl Mass w/ Propadrol**

    Ignites Cell Volumization And Nitric Oxide Production!
    Methyl Mass the dawn of a new category in supplementation. EST has used their proprietary technology to formulate Methyl Mass, the most cutting-edge product the sports nutrition industry has ever seen! Methyl Mass contains the proprietary 17 Methyl Bol, which cannot convert into estrogen, is the most absorbable and bio-available testosterone builder on the market (methylated in the 6 Alpha position, as a DIOL), and it's legal. You can expect amazing gains from Methyl Mass. It will enable you to accomplish all of your goals, being that it addresses every need or want of a serious athlete. Methyl Mass is the first of its kind, EST is sure many "Knock Off's" are on the way! Don't be fooled, Methyl Mass is the only MASS building pre-workout formula available. Not only is Methyl Mass a new innovation in sports nutrition, but the amazing 17-Methyl Bol, the active testosterone mass enhancer (17-hydroxy-6-alpha-methyl-ethyletiocholan-3,20 diol), is exclusive to EST at this point in time. Hence, we are the only company with it available.

    Methyl Mass...

    Ignites Cell Volumization and Nitric Oxide Production
    Balances Estrogen & has a Liver Cleansing Agent
    Sparks Mental Focus and Energy

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    Hi bro yes this is considered to be a anabolic substance(propadrol) it is not a very harsh substance the product contains some milk thistle but you may want to get some more and use it. I would not recommend using this product for more than 4-6 weeks without a break and after you finish using it you may want to run Post Cycle Support to be on the safe side good luck bro and feel free to ask me questions.




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