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    Good building routine=Good cutting routine?!

    Hola keepers of the beef!

    Heeeeeeeere's my question: A routine that works awesome during gaining phase, means it will work good as cutting phase as well?

    Or should I stick to the routine that worked acceptable during last cutting-phase?

    I've got a question for you guys:
    For my upcomming diet/cutting phase I'm lookin for a routine that'll help me preserve my beyond godlike superhuman strength and tremendous musclemass of awesomeness.
    Last time I went on a weightloss diet I did not lose too much strength in chest and legs, while back and few other parts stagnated(prolly cus of the momentum use in those exercises), I was using a standard 4-split.

    Now during my gaining/building phase I've been using 4x Halfbody with awesome results. Does this mean it'll work good as cutting routine aswell?!
    (The halfbody sessions has worked better than 4-split during cutting, to clarify.)

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    How much strength you lose and size you lose ocmes down to your caloric intake. Drop it 500cal below your baseline and it strength shouldnt drop too much, while still losing fat steadily. You cant get away from at least a small drop in strength.

    She really looks like someone set her face on fire and put it out with a bike chain.

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    Mecca Maniac
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    you could use the same routine. its always imprortant to keep the load high especially when cutting




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