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Thread: Clearogen

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    Thsi product is suppose to be the best over the counter supplement. I have read nothing but positive reviews except one person who rated it 3 out of 5 everyone else gave it 5 out of 5. i looked it up on acne boards to see reviews they all gave it great reviews as well.

    http://www.clearogen.com/about-clearogen.html im sure u can find a cheaper price if u google it but this is the orginal web site with all the information and lab tests on the product and its ingerdiants.

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    i used that stuff. it worked pretty damn good. i dont use it anymore much though.
    i started cleaning my face really thoroughly, and noticed a very positive difference and lesser acne without having to use creams or other anti-acne products.

    so really i only use Clearogen when i have a serious breakout, which is now like 4-5 acne spots MAX and (and rather rare as well), or if i need to get make my skin clearer really fast.

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