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    Quote Originally Posted by Ironslave View Post
    Thanks for sharing this dude. This is such a shame though, but doesn't surprise me, especially since his low back/hamstrings are a major weakness. If he deadlifted or at least some rack pulls it would help out his physique a ton.

    Does he train with Milos?

    totally agree with u man he did do some reverse grip cable rows, while blabbering with a horrible accent about that helping out his lower back though but ye just some rack pulls or atleast barbell/dumbell rows would benefit him greatly.

    no he didnt train with milos in that dvd, it was some fat german sausage meister there talking to him in german, think that was his trainer or something. but i think he has a new dvd out now after the one i saw, who knows, maybe hes incorporated some changes

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    He is amazing, definitely won of the best bodybuilders (along with Heath) to come up in the recent years. We are going to have some amazing Mr O competitions coming up with an improving Wolf and Heath, Dex, Victor, Kai, etc... bodybuilding is getting great again. Now without the complete dominance of Ronnie we have something to look forward to :hyperguy:

    [April|MOTM] Braaq
    Dennis Wolf pics from Fibo 08

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bulkboy View Post
    your right about that, atleast in wolf's case, i just downloaded his dvd "the beginning", and he didnt do deads or squats. on back day all he actually did was pulldowns and cable rows, he didnt even do a dumbell or barbell rows and his leg workout was all leg press, hack squats and leg extensions, and some poor lying leg curls at the end

    that is just plain weak. i'm a fan of his physique but that is some pussy training right there.

    the size of your waist is almost purely genetic and the only thing that will really visually affect is GH and others like it. lame excuse to not squat or deadlift......


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