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    Chris Benoit Phone Calls Released To Channel 2


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    ATLANTA -- Channel 2 has obtained phone messages from pro wrestler Chris Benoit to his wife and son in the days leading up to their murder-suicide. The phone messages from Benoit, relatives and friends give new insight into what happened before and after the wrestling star killed his wife and young son before killing himself in their Fayette County home in June 2007.

    Channel 2’s Tom Regan reviewed the answering machine messages, which until now, have not been released publicly.

    “Hi honey. Hi Dan-Dan. Sorry I missed you. I’ll try you on your cell phone. Love you. Bye,” is one of the endearing messages from a father to his wife and son.

    It’s one of the many telephone messages, some disturbing, that police found in Benoit’s home following the murder-suicide last June.

    “Hey Chris, it’s Anne from the office. Just trying to get in touch with you. It’s Sunday evening, I think about 7 p.m. So we’re hoping everything is OK. Call me on my cell phone,” said one message.

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    Interesting. The WWE will probably settle any lawsuits out of court, but unlike say the Owen Hart case, they have no fault in this.




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