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    Dude...This full body works!!!

    Hello Peeps!

    Since I'm allready in summer vacations and got plenty of time to sleep, eat, stack on sup. & work-out like crazy I decide to start out this full body routine and see for my self the results... As of today being my first day putting into practice this routine I can say that I felt that extra pump!!! I have been working out for 10 months and just like every one else that has some time exercsing you dont feel tired or that hurt sensation as often as when you first started, or at least so I can experience this I have to take weeks off after some time and when I come back I feel stronger and feel the tore muscle fibers which mean you are growing more . But today after an hour and some minutes of work-out I was totaly smoked!!! Couldnt do more!! I was like what?? I couldnt push or pull anything which ment that I worked hard enough that means GROWING!!!

    I started out like this....

    Back Rows 15,12,8 Reps/4 Sets
    Pull Overs 15,12,8 Reps/4 Sets
    Squats 15,12,8,8 Reps/3 Sets
    Leg Press 15,12,8,8 Reps/3 Sets
    Bench Press 10,8,8, Reps/4 Sets
    Dumbell Press 8,8,6 Reps/4 Sets
    Pec Dec 10,8,8,6 Reps/3

    *Notice how I did more sets & exercises in my back/chest this being only because they are bigger muscle and I wanted to make sure I hit all muscle fibers.

    I left out my Biceps, Triceps, Abs & Shoulder work-outs because I just couldnt do any thing else!! I just wanted to drink the whole ocean and rest!! So why not give it a try ladys and gentlemen?? I know for a fact that if I'm not growing at least I'm cutting down because I was pushing out gallons water from any imaginable pore in my body (sweating like a pig)

    I'll try to post some stats as I progress with this full body work-out as well I'm open to read opinions in what exercise to implement number of reps, sets etc.


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    Your basing the effectiveness off one workout???? :dunnodude:

    [April|MOTM] Braaq
    Dude...This full body works!!!

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    I'm sharing what I felt, with others... After all this is a community



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    Quote Originally Posted by amtz View Post
    I'm sharing what I felt, with others... After all this is a community

    Good luck and keep us updated then, let us know if you have any questions


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    Mecca V.I.P. philosopher's Avatar
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    Nice one amtz

    Why dont you check out the log section and post a log yourself.

    liberation trough self brutalization, real men don't fear pain and thus can't be controlled.

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    Than you guys... Yeah I'm planning to post some stats every now in then, I'll keep you informed



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