I dont know if you the Pro's consider this product hard core sinde it has PH but I just wanted to give my personal experience regarding this product.. I'm in no way trash talking about this company or there products as I know that everyone reacts different since we are al unique and individual....

Any way it goes like this... I had extra money and I decided to spend it in my supp's. So I bought my amino acids, whey protein and huuallaa! There it was Methyl Mass with Propadrol!! N.O. product but with extra punch and PH's. So I took my supplements and was enjoy it till!!! I ended up in the hospital with a light speed heart rate, short breathing and near a collapse!!!
Felt like this for days and eventually there was nothing the Doc's could do since Methy Mass was causing it. The only thing was to wait and eliminate all the reamaning of the chemicals and feel normal again. One thing is clear check your self before doing stupid crap!! Some of us who are still young dont think wise and just go for that extra edge but why?? If we are still young and have shit loads of energy why seek for extra ?? At the time this happened I was taking whey protien which had nothing to do since this is just like food supplement and amino acids are like vitamins. Allthough Doctors said it was the Methl Mass I dont know if it was the shit loads of cafein or the Propadrol ?? Any suggestions...???

If you ask me I wont take no energy booster or at least not in the near future believe me it felt horrible!! Having yout eyes wide open, sweading cold, extreme heart rates and lastly not being able to breath well sucks ass!!

Ohh by the way gains were good not all that great, I lasted 3 weeks using this with week ends offs. My nuts stayed the same size in the same place hair ass well, no acne problems and no bitch tits! In fact I didnt even take PCT and I piss normaly to But dont get confused I didnt PCT because it was such a short cycle and and low dosage 30mg and week ends off.


Hope this helps you think twice.

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