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    Cutting Season help!

    After 10 months of working out, eating like crazy and adding whey protein and other supps. I decide to start my cutting phase and take advantage of the extra heat of the summer... I first started in around 145-150 lbs. and I now whey 175 lbs. People tell me that I got a drasticall change I personaly dont thing I'm big enough since I have not yet exploded my full potential but enough with getting big.... For now!! Like I was saying with my shirt on people think that I'm a leane machine, truth is I'm not!! I would guess the extra meals and shakes gave some fat since I hardly do cardio and I hardly work on abbs (I can feel them well made but have darn fat in front of them). My question is, would I loose muscle gains?? Should I eat the same 3 full meals and 2-3 in between meals such as tuna, fruit, toasted grain bread etc. ?? Should I continue with supps. such as amino acids, multi vit, or fish oil (no whey protein nor creatine my goal now is cut!! not gain) And finaly the big controversial.. Low reps high volume or high reps med to low volume?

    Any advice will be great!!

    Thanx for reading

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    Start of by finding your protein nor creatine again, you don't bulk up when taking them, you bulk up because of what yo eat, protein will help you keep your muscle, keep the 6 meals a day (you want the body to work on burning cals all the time), but you need to use more calories then you consuming, that is how to loos weight..

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    Keep cals from 300-500 below maintance and lot of cardio




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