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    new to cutting need help !!

    hi, am 19 n ive been training 4 a year now n put on about 12-13kilos n maintained mi bf at 17-18%. ive neva done a cut cycle i wanna get to 8-10% bf am 79-82kilos. i haqv noo clue bout diet supplemnts orr cardiooo. need help wd all of these thankk youuu plz help =( !!!

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    somoneee helppp


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    fanx 4 all ur helppp:jerkoff1:


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    Well that you need to do is to add min 30 cardio to your tranining everyday..

    What works for me is to do the cardio after dinner so that you brun som calc before bed time and I do my building after work and the the cardio some houres after that..

    Then it would also help you to get a right diet so you go under you idel calc intake (sorry for the english, hopes that is it understandable..)

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    cardio... at LEAST 30 minutes a day. i personally think cardio any time of day is fine, as long as you keep it to a decent intensity.

    If you are 80kg at 17%bf... expect to be dieting for at least 12 weeks, and you should drop to about 65kg or so. Dont try to lose more than 500g-1kg each week.

    Diet wise... Keep protein intake fairly high, around the 200g a day. keep carbs low and fats low. Drink at least 4L water a day. Get at least 8hrs sleep a day (essential when dieting).

    dieting is hard man, good luck with it!!

    She really looks like someone set her face on fire and put it out with a bike chain.

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    Go google some sh*t and stop being lazy, and speak english its Thanks not fanx


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    Braaq does a fabulous job with the palumbo diet in thsi thread. This is probably my favorie diet for someone who is cutting.

    God bless


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    What is your exact weight as of today?


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