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Thread: My Palumbo Diet

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    Icon1 My Palumbo Diet

    Hey guys ive been doing the palumbo diet for about 2 months now and ive gotten some good results. I started at around 197 and now im at 175. Ive lost a good amount of fat but i felt at my weight i would be pretty ripped at 170 and so far this doesnt seem to be the case. Heres what my diet is now.

    1000 mg of omega 3 and 1000 mg of CLA

    Meal 1- 6 Whole eggs

    Meal 2- 40-50 Grams of Whey 2 Table spoons of all natural PB (post workout)

    1000 mg of Omega 3 and 1000 mg of CLA

    Meal 3- 8 oz. of chicken with hotsauce and 2 Table spoons of all natural PB

    Meal 4- 6 Whole eggs

    Meal 5- 8 oz. of chicken with hotsauce and 2 Table spoons of all natural PB

    1000 mg of omega 3

    Meal 6- Either 2 packets of 3 oz. tuna, Can of tuna or 8 oz. or Cod and 6 oz. of Broccoli

    I know youre supposed to have 3 shakes but eggs are much cheaper and i can even get chicken cheaper per meal so thats why i do it. Let me know what you guys think.

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    i can commiserate with you dude. i'm finding out first hand just how much weight you need to shed to get ripped, it aint easy!

    your meals look solid. braaq could help you out more with it, he is a big fan of the palumbo style diet.



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