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    Adding Injectable B12 ??

    I have read around about injectable B12 and its anabolic attributes but I would like to hear it from present or past users... What do you guys think, any gains at all?? I stoped taking supp's to let my body rest and in some way not let it get use to the same supp's with our forgeting that my gains where not lean some fat as well (After 8 months of constant use). So now I eat even more and instead of taking weigh gainers, creatine or NO I now take Multi-Vitamins, Fish Oils (Omega 3-6-9), Amino Acids and to be honest I grew even more and leaner!! But I would like to take injectable B12 any opinions ??

    P.S. Recomendations with the Cycle would be nice!!


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    I took B-complex shots every week when I was taking IGF and enjoyed both of them combined. I got mine from Cal-Vet and its way cheaper from a Vet than getting b-12 from a pharmacy.


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    Thanks for the advice bro! Any recomendations as of where to shoot, how many at a time and what days for how long??





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