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    Icon5 Liberatore to take a year off!!!


    In this interview with Dave Palumbo, Michael Liberatore talks about taking a year off to make sum improvements ...After only losing by a single point to Brandon Curry it would not make any sense that he shouldn't go to the Nationals and try to attain his pro card.....especially considering that next year will not hold and same talent and there will more than likely be sum other guy/guys who come outta nowhere and beats him.......why even take that chance :angrydude:

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    Saw that too. He could change his mind but either way I dont care cause I think he will win. Dont foget curry took a almost a year off after the nationas and won the USA's. I think Dave will talk him out of it and talk him into doing the Nationals.


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    I wish him good luck, as it is a hard choice to take a whole year off. All you can hope for is that you bring out something new and special once you return, otherwise people will really criticize him to death. Not sure how young he is either as age does play a role in this sport when trying to take time off.


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    the guy wants to bring something new,im sure he will look incredible in 2010 if he pulls that off.

    EDIT: Palumbo is one ugly mofo, must be hard being that ugly.

    you gonna get judged!!!!!!!

    Liberatore to take a year off!!!



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