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    Quote Originally Posted by Robcardu View Post
    Should i ban Skeptic then??
    No. Just touch him inappropriately.

    If I was you I'd hate me too...
    New Metallica Single Released

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mygeeto View Post
    thier best stuff was everything from Kill Em All to The Black Album with The Black Album being my favorite. i dont know how anyone can like Shit, ReShit, Some Kind Of Shit, Shit Inc, and St. Shit/
    I like Load, Reload is ok the others were crap. I think the reason I like Load is that it actually is just a good rock album, but that pisses off metal fans as they see it as going commercial. So if you treat it as rock and not metal (i.e. they have actually evolved over their 30 year career) then it is quite good.

    Having said that though I do prefer their earlier works. But hearing their old material played live a few years ago, I think they sound better now.

    This was my 3000th post. Only took a few years.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skeptic View Post

    Their best album BY FAR is ...And justice for all
    Agreed fully

    Tonyk, Unforgiven 1 is a great and popular song.. but to say it is their greatest song is an opinion of yours and I am sure some others, but nothing more.

    As for this song I am very disapointed.. it almost put me to sleep. The instrumental and even the lyrics sucked. To think this came from the same band who brought us And Justice For All, The Black Album, etc...

    [April|MOTM] Braaq
    New Metallica Single Released

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