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    Interesting vitamin read

    One of my clients just e-mailed this to me. Melaleuca is a supplement and wellness company based out of my hometown and I have always been very impressed with the quality of their products and the science backing them. Discuss...


    08/22 Major news in vitamin research

    American researchers have made a major breakthrough in the world of
    nutrition. Scientists have discovered that most vitamins, including the
    world's best-selling brands, are poorly absorbed and even worse, they
    prevent both natural and commercial anti-oxidant supplements (vitamins that
    people take to reduce the risk of serious diseases like cancer) from working
    - until now.

    Dr. Garry R. Buettner, the head of the Free Radical Research Institute, from
    the University of Iowa, considered the world's number one authority in the
    field of free radical research, made the discovery along with researchers
    from Melaleuca Inc., considered one of the world's leading wellness
    companies, and a registered pharmaceutical company.

    Dr. Buettner and a team of scientists tested the world's leading vitamin
    supplements. According to Melaleuca President and CEO Frank VanderSloot, the
    team of researchers discovered that the process used by almost every vitamin
    manufacturer prevents anti-oxidants from working in the small intestine -
    rendering both the vitamins and the anti-oxidants useless.

    VanderSloot went on to tell close to 10,000 customers at the company's
    annual convention in Salt Lake City, Utah, and tens of thousands more by
    webcast and teleconference, that Melaleuca has filed for a patent on a new
    discovery - oligofructose complex - that is now the world's only vitamin
    process that accomplishes two things: (1) proper mineral absorption, and (2)
    does not destroy the value of anti-oxidants.

    Until the announcement, Melaleuca had been the only company in the world
    with a patent on vitamin and mineral absorption. That patent, commonly
    called fructose compounding, expired recently and the company has replaced
    it with its new oligofructose complex.

    VanderSloot was careful to point out that the company's new vitamin line
    does not prevent nor cure any disease. However, he emphasized that there are
    thousands upon thousands of research papers from the around the world that,
    for decades, have proven the cancer-fighting and disease-fighting nature of
    anti-oxidants. The challenge, until now, has been to prove or disprove the
    absorbability and effectiveness of anti-oxidant supplements, a multi-billion
    dollar industry, and the role traditional vitamins play.

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    great info !!! thanks bro




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