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    Heard the fight was lame and boring.


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    Mecca V.I.P. Beau's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Found a solid post on mma.com aka the UG that explains the fight and to answer the haters

    "I should be amazed by the idiocy surrounding the Cote fight, but given it's the UG, I'm not really all that surprised.

    Cote was clearly the aggressor in that fight. He was moving forward, throwing shots, cutting off the Octagon. Hell, my boy even went for a takedown.

    Conversely, Anderson was fighting to a gameplan as well. He was trying to get Cote to chase him, to open up to counters so that he could pick him apart from the outside and then move in for the kill. Patrick kept a cool head and didn't overextend.

    How can an educated MMA fan say that Anderson was goofing around? Was that thundering knee a joke? How about the kick to the head that landed, and the ones that didn't? Was Anderson not really trying to grab Cote in the clinch? Was he not trying to GnP Cote when he got to the ground?

    Guys: Cote had a gameplan and he was executing it: push forward, don;t over extend, cut off the ring, throw bombs when Anderson moves in. Anderson was trying to frustrate Cote and draw him in with his 'antics'.

    As for the knee -- the UFC has to do something about the quality of the branding in the Octagon. This is not the first time a fighter has slipped on the marketing. You can clearly hear Cote's corner telling him to "forget about the knee". Cote hurt it in the second, threw one kick after the Bud Light slip and had trouble planting it after that."


    "Its better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven"



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