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    Shonie Carter talks UFC 90-91

    Shonie Carter talks Kimbo, EliteXC and UFC 90

    Thoughts on Kimbo and EliteXC...

    "Kimbo gets knocked out and they go out of business. I give him credit for doing what he did. He went from street fighter to real fighter and fought a few bums and made a half million dollars each. He fought a veteran that was okay as a heavyweight; not to take anything away from Seth Mr. Petruzelli. The next thing you knowÖKimbo, I still want your autograph, but you got your dick knocked off."

    Thoughts on UFC 90...

    "I liked Sean Sherk and Tyson Griffinís fight. I donít know what idiot thought that Tyson lost. I personally gave it to Tyson. Thatís just my own personal opinion. The wrestling match between Gray Maynard and Rich Clementi wasnít anything of any consequence. Thiago Alves and KoscheckÖAlves did a good job at out-kickboxing the wrestler. I think it was a good fight for him. He definitely won and I respect his gangster in avoiding the takedowns. The only takedown that wrestlers know nowadays is double leg."

    Thoughts on Silva vs. Cote...

    "Professionally speaking, that was some bullshit. Everybody has an off night, but Iím not going to goof around in a fight. I still respect him, but Iíll be damn if you gonna drop your hands with me boy. I tell you what, you start doing the hippie hippie shake, you better expect something crazy."

    "You donít do that. Showboating is fine sometimes and I give Mr. Cote props because he done better than any other fighter Iíve seen fight Anderson, like Chris Leben, Rich Franklin and Travis Lutter. He looked as good as he could look."

    Thoughts on Couture-Lesnar...

    "Randy gonna beat his ass and I donít mind if anybody gets offended about me saying it. Iíve gotten in a lot of trouble from previous statements that I have made, particularly in the interviews I do with you, but thatís a money in the bank ass whooping right there. Thatís ass-whoopingville and Brock is about to become homesick."

    More classic Shonie in the full interview:

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    Shonie Carter talks UFC 90-91

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