Good advice already..

Don't stress too much, what matters is all carbs are starches/complex carbs. Realize, every cell in your body operates using glucose. Polysacchardies like starches, dispense and release glucose steadily from the intestines. Energy is far more expensive to convert carbs to fat than other macromolecules.

Cals, cals, cals, cals. If you're not in a deficit prioritizing protein, say goodbye to results.

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Also agreeing with Vegeta. Center you carbs at breakfast and post wokout. also, If you were taking in a good amount of carbs in the offseason and now you're trying to cut down, make sure you GRADUALLY lower the carbs. Your body doesnt respond as well to taking away too many carbs all at once.

Also, on a really low carb diet its a good idea to have a refeed day. Take one day out of the week to have a solid amount of carbs. I'd say around 400. Carbs play an important role in burning fat, so if you never have them in your system it's easy to stall out on losing fat.
Solid fucking post. To boot, the pancreas is responsible for enzymatic activity. When 'x' amount of carbs, proteins or fats enter the doendum, 'x' amounts of proteases, carbohydrases and lipases are secreted (general enzymes responsible to breakdown macronutrients for absorption). A sudden switch in diet will not give the pancreas adequate time to adapt, causing indigestion and stomach pains.

When you're dieting, that's the last thing you need: the shits.

Cosign re-feed, plateauing is the response of low leptin. Refeed and problem is solved.