There is a multitude of good information on AAS. I won't and can't cover it all here.

Here's a real short version: Not the DEA, AMA, NJEM, ACS, AHA, US Army...not one organization...recommended that AAS be controlled. In fact, they all recommended that the remain over the counter, or "legend" drugs at most. That's from the folks in the know.

There has never been a SINGLE death attributable to AAS.

The US ARMY has studied this since the 40's and has found only 7 cases where AAS might have been a secondary cause, and not a SINGLE case where there were a primary cause.

Non C-17 (injectables for the most part) are NOT toxic, at nearly ANY LEVEL. Testosterone is naturally occurring, and hence is not toxic to your system without levels approaching 5000mg per week. 5 to 10 per day would be typical and even the biggest of juiceheads rarely does more than 2000mg, and most folks do around 700mg a week.

C17 modded orals can be hepa-toxic at high levels, but, not as much as common pain relievers. Apples to apples.

Roid rage is media fluff. In fact, any geriatric physician can tell you that androgens are mood elevating. Most users would tell you the same thing. The "roid rage" thing was invented as court defense for dumbasses.

Steroids are those hormones soluble in fats. Women use estrogen for decades to their benefit.

Your natural testosterone starts declining around 28. As an important part of anti-aging AAS therapy should begin about that time. It will prevent you from several forms of cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, osteoporosis, preserve your lean muscle, heighten your sexual function, lower your BP, lower your cholesterol, and protect your heart, as well as elevate your mood.

Study after study after study has been done on this and while steroids will always lower cholesterol (it's part of how they work), mortality among heavy steroid users is always less, than a sedentary population. UNT recently did just such a study. What they found is that the heavy users actually have a LOWER mortality than regular people. Suprised? I'm not. It only makes sense that maintaining a healthy lifestyle along the hormones to back it up would lead to lower morality.

The protocol of choice for the sickest of the sick, is an will likely remain to be for some time yet, AAS. Burns, diabetes, HIV, and most forms of cancer.

Studies have recently been done that show cholesterol isn't as good an indicator of mortality as visceral vs. non-visceral fat. Considering that several BILLION dollars are being made annually on anti-cholesterol pills (HIGHLY hepa-toxic).

Any negative effects (low sperm count, HPTA suppression) are transitory. (Male birth control)

My doctor is a good one, and said nothing destroys your liver and muscle faster than statins (anti-cholesterol pill), and, in fact, threw them in the trash.

Anti-aging is fast becoming a huge business with grossly over inflated prices. E.g., androgel for $299.00 a month with less raw material than just a couple of shots.

As someone who has been lifting weights for 20 years, and been an elite athlete almost all of my adult life, I'd highly recommend a fair look at these powerful technologies. Like a good running shoe, a light bike, a sleek suit, stimulants, whatever the technology might be, technology plays a part across the board in sports; has for centuries; will be continue to do use. Whatever technology being used, be it the light bike, or androgens, may suit the sport.

I'd advise googling on anti-aging. You don't have to be miserable, weak, or non-virile. Most anti-aging right now is high profit, and some doctors are intimidated to giving to low doses.

I've spent hours talking with both geriatric and non-geriatric doctors about the real benefits of AAS.

When I was kid, AAS were over the counter. We grow up with them. Somewhere along the line a misinformation campaign, somewhat like "Reefer Madness" got underway.

The wide range of benefits certainly outweighs the risks, and especially for anyone over 30.

Technology has always been, and will always be, a part of sport.

There have been a number of studies done about the typical user: late 20's on up, white, above average income, very health conscious is the typical profile.

Here's another study that has been done for decades. 35% of all people, irregardless of how irrational something is, will believe whatever they are told, even though the empirical evidence present otherwise.

There's big money keeping folks unhealthy. There's big money in keeping anti-aging "exclusive". It's not about health. It's about money.

With regard to estrogen levels getting to high, there's a 3 whole groups of anti-e's that solve the problem in nothing flat.

In fact, I was reading that the latest science on prostate cancer is that although testosterone has to be present, high ESTROGEN levels seems to be more of an indicator for prostate cancer. It's when the ratio of test / est gets to where the est is to high that the incidence of prostate cancers goes up. It was some fairly reliable source, but, I'm forgetting where I read it.

Just as "Reefer Madness" was bullshit, so is much of the current AAS misinformation campaign.

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