DESCRIPTION: NutrEval is a comprehensive nutritional evaluation to identify specific imbalances of vitamins, nutrients, and essential co-factors. This profile also provides assessment of gastrointestinal dysfunction and detoxification impairment.

The NutrEval profile is a comprehensive nutritional evaluation that helps overcome chronic disease
and promote optimal health and wellness.

This unique profile:
• Evaluates overall nutritional status of your patient
• Assesses the functional need for vitamins and minerals
• Provides insight into disease risk
• Includes an innovative “Interpretation at a Glance”
- Concise-Easy Interpretation
- Provides clear, personalized recommendations for supplementation
• Anti-oxidants
• B-vitamins
• Minerals
• Amino acids

The NutrEval Profile consists of:
MetabolicAnalysis measuring 39 key organic acids to evaluate gastrointestinal function,
cellular energy production, neurotransmitter processing, and functional need for vitamins,
minerals, and co-factors.

AminoAcid analysis measuring 38 amino acids to evaluate dietary protein adequacy,
digestion, absorption, amino acid transport, metabolic impairments, and nutritional deficits;
including essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Essential & Metabolic Fatty Acid assessment measures the levels of fatty acids in red
blood cell membranes that affect cellular communication and the inflammatory cascade.

Elemental Analysis in red blood cells is a reliable means to identify short-term toxic
metal exposure and to evaluate intracellular nutrient mineral status.

Oxidative Stress Analysis is a sensitive tool to evaluate the body’s
anti-oxidant reserves, the presence of oxidative injury, and CoQ10.

• Analytes
Metabolic Analysis
Creatinine and 39 organic acids
ratioed to creatinine including
8 gastrointestinal metabolites
13 cellular energy metabolites
4 neurotransmitter metabolites
14 amino acid metabolites

Amino Acids Analysis
38 analytes for urine or plasma
Nutritionally essential and
semi-essential amino acids
Dietary peptide-related markers
Non-essential protein amino acids
Intermediary metabolites and
diagnostic markers

Omega-6, omega-3, and omega-9
polyunsaturated fatty acids
Saturated fatty acids
Monounsaturated fatty acids
Metabolic pathways
Fatty acid ratios and percent
distribution within families

Elemental Analysis
- 6 Toxic Elements:
antimony lead
arsenic mercury
cadmium tin
- 8 Nutritional Elements:
chromium potassium
copper selenium
magnesium vanadium
manganese zinc

Oxidative Stress
lipid peroxides
reduced glutathione,

• Specimen Requirement:
Urine and blood specimens required.
Refer to patient kit instructions for

• Before Taking this Test:
Discontinue non-essential
medications (4 days before test)
Refer to clinician instructions about
what other medications
and supplements to avoid (4 days
before test)
Patients must fast overnight prior to
blood draw
Arrange shipping for Monday-
See instructions inside test kit for

I am about to do this test myself it costs anywhere from $375-$600 pricey but well worth it considering how comprehensive a test it is.

Definitly of large use to any bodybuilders looking for an edge.

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