By Rafe Telsch: 2009-01-01 1720

Inglourious Basterds Storms Into Summer Quentin Tarantino isnít exactly a summer kind of guy. While thereís no denying the popularity of his movies, they tend to have more of a cult following than a mainstream one. Most of his movies have seen off-season releases, from Pulp Fiction (October) to Grindhouse (that horribly planned Easter weekend release date). The Weinsteins have something else lined up for Tarantinoís next film, however, as the director enters into the realm of the blockbuster.

Tarantinoís Inglourious Basterds, a World War II epic about a group of Jewish-American soldiers, will open August 21st according to Variety, with oversea release dates to be announced soon. Thatís quite a vote of confidence for Tarantinoís picture, although I think it might have more to do with cast members like Brad Pitt than the director.

That release date puts Inglourious Basterds up against Final Destination: Death Trip 3D, which means the World War II picture is potentially taking over that weekend. It just depends on how much of an audience there is for watching Jewish soldiers hunt down Nazis. I will say it certainly canít be worse than putting a similar story up during Christmas.