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Thread: protein shake Q

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    protein shake Q

    this kind of Q is a bit hard to ask by writing, since its a bit long + complicated, take pity on my poor aching body

    currently i take Gold standard (ON)
    (AFAIK the main diff from other shakes is the added glutamine)

    now i have the chance to go to a diff shop and he will give me discounts on everything. but he doesnt get ON

    here are the questions
    you know on the back of a tub theres how many (for example)leucine is in a serving. arent those BCAA`s? therefore wouldnt i just be adding more of the above if i were to buy BCAAs. if i just added BCAAs and glutamine would it just be a homemade version of ON?
    Why am i thinking ON is the best thing?

    i want to ask if i`m better off getting a different shake(`ill try to find a good one obviously), then adding my own glutamine, will i be better off?

    Is glutamine as important as i`m thinking it is? Would i be better off with BCAA`s ?

    sorry come off a bit noobish, but i tend to ask a lot of question and i over complicate stuff, since i`m a bit perfectionist, i`m damn fussy, with me even if it has the most miniscule effect i`m gonna want it. (i am reading through a few threads which seem related, so i did a bit of searching myself, no lazy)
    thx guys threw some pics in the cindy phillips thread in return

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    The thing that makes gold standard such a good protein is that its main source of protein is from isolate and not concentrate. It is a much more pure form of protein and is superior to concentrate. It also has digestive enzymes which make a difference as anyone who has ever been on a high protein diet can attest to. It is true that there are more aminos in the gold standard, and if you got some basic BCAA's and added it to a cheaper protein, you would be then make it equivalent to the gold standard in that aspect. However, you still would not have the isolate and the digestive enzymes. How much of a difference will this make? Probably nothing that you would ever be able to tell but it is does make it superior to many other proteins.

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    so what would you suggest i do in my situation regards whether to get the new shake and new stuff, i ask because its most probably cheaper, every 2 weeks i finish a tub of ON


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    ^^ Well first off, if you are finishing a 5lb tub every 2 weeks, you are having too many shakes and not enough food. If it is going to save you money, I would just go with the cheaper stuff and if you feel the need to throw in some extra BCAA's then do that to add a little spice to your protein.


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    (not exactly 2 weeks, but around that much)
    i take 2 64gr servings per day, sometimes i add a 32gr amount(half protein in a meal) to a meal for convenience/cost saving

    i dont mind spending the money, if i know its helping, i just thought perhaps i could buy them seperatly and it will be cheaper, maybe better
    the aminos in the protein shake created all this confusion
    obviously i wanted to get another just as good and i`ll add the rest.

    i`ll go tomorow and see what hes got, buy some stuff (current shake finished) and i`ll report back, thx again!

    i`m 6ft 4" at 97kg bf avg for regular person, havnt checked it in a while
    just some info


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    Basically you need a decent isolate. ON is a very good mix of isolate and concentrate.

    Check the levels of individual aminos on the product. ON isn't the only one with 10% leucine and 20% BCAA's. But as Creator pointed out, it isn't only the isolate and BCAA's.

    I personally would be searching for another brand of isolate, or blend like ON. ON is my favourite protein powder and is what I compare everything else to. Compare price, taste, mixability and of course the amino profile. Don't get caught up in buying a whole heap of powders and pills, they are such a small part of the equation.

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    ^^ Good points. Also, I would recommend you lower your servings. If I am reading your post correctly you are taking in 64 grams per sitting. This is way too much protein for one time and especially for whey. I would say that one scoop if you must supplement for a meal and no more than one and a half for post workout. This will make it last longer so your not pissing your money away.


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    hey guys, just back,
    i got everything of ultimate nutri,
    prostar whey, BCAAs and glucosamine & MSN (to try it out)
    what do you think?
    now i just gotta find soem articles on dosages and ratios of the supps(feel free to link any)

    yes i know that the newbies will heavly invest in supplements and ignore food, they`d be better off without the supps and a bulletproof diet.


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    Mecca V.I.P. tim290280's Avatar
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    ^^ So you can't read the label and see what amount of aminos are in it?????

    I did a quick look and could see that Prostar is ~10% (just under) Leucine. From the protein ratio I would say that it isn't too bad and contains a reasonable amount of isolate, not as much as ON I don't think though.

    I personally don't see the point of BCAA's when you have a good whey.


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    you didnt get me,
    alright maybe i wasnt very clear,
    i ment ratio of whey to BCAA, i used ratio because i though it was a powder, and you`d bemixing them.

    so you think BCAAs are a waste even with a good whey? sounds pretty weird to me


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    BCAA are good, but I prefer Iso-XP and a good multi...


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