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    TNA Video Game Loses 10 Million

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    -- While the TNA iMPACT! video game has sold 450,000 copies thus far, publisher Midway Games lost approximately $10 million on it. Despite the heavy losses, a sequel is expected to be released this year due to the significant decrease in developmental costs. Theoretically, the game's sequel could come close to breaking even if it sold the same number of units. However, the first game largely received negative reviews, which would likely have an effect on the same number of copies being moved again.

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    TNA blows

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    Mecca V.I.P. Samoan-Z's Avatar
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    TNA attracts better wrestlers due to the Star vs. show salary ratio as compared to WWE's Star vs. Show ratio

    TNA has been infamous to offer constracts 2x as large as the ones offered by WWE

    But WWE invests shitloads into franshise, memorabilia, electronic entertaimment development and storylines (Although shitty as of late aka 2006) and less to the wrestler.

    with that said it is obvious TNA Video Games would crash.

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