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    Woman claims tongue of would-be rapist

    Good for him!

    From www.freeracer.co.za

    A 19-year-old women from Petsana, district Reitz, at the weekend bit off a piece of her uncle’s tongue after he had come to her home and tried to rape her.

    Beeld, the morning paper with the most readable stories, reports that the 32-year-old “uncle’’ entered the bedroom of the alleged victim with a knife and tried to undress her.

    They struggled for a while and the knife fell to the floor, after which he forcibly pushed her down and tried to stick his tongue in her mouth. She bit down hard and claimed a chunk of bloody flesh, and the injured fled to the Nketoana Hospital in Reitz, where he was treated and later released.

    The woman soon laid a charge with the Reitz Police, producing a slice of off-pink uncle-tongue as evidence of her allegations.

    The accused, who doesn’t want to go home in fear of community retribution, will appear on the Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday. It is likely that he will need a special interpreter too as he is said to be talking with great difficulty.

    – Original report in Beeld

    Just one Dick's opinion!

    [JUNE 09|MOTM]

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    wtf,.... how ..why!

    True power and muscle is built in the kitchen, not the gym.



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