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    nice man. be careful with those maxes.


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    pics next week


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    be careful with maxes bro.


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    yeah still feel strong as fuck...im pretty careful with them i warm up alot long then before. i took some pics this last weekend now just waiting for my bro to e-mail them to me. the pics are not so bad, but they don't show off my back like it should. but my hams have came along way!!


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    well got a some pics up...i will put a tape on them to see how i have grown.


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    well its been two weeks now that i have been "off" and don't feel that bad. not quit as strong as before. but still can do 150 lbs db but only for 8 not 12 lol. but my gains are still there. weight is around 219-225 in the am. my goal is to be around 250lbs in three years with lower body fat %. i loved the cycle i did and i miss injecting haha now i have to eat even more and even more clean eating!! my next cycle will have dbol in it, not sure if i will like it???


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    Tren instead of Dbol


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    yeah i wish...lol next time for sure!


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