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    They Came From Venus...

    Found this book on the net...
    Thought id share a little bit with you guys.

    1.1 Introduction

    Over the years, man has been fascinated by two things…
    Women and the Universe. But he had no idea, that both were related so much.

    This book will uncover the shocking truth about the race, known as Women.
    Through facts, evaluations, evidence and documented accounts, I plan to answer the question:
    Are Women Really From Venus?

    1.2 History

    Woman dates back to as early as man began. God created Eve with one of Adam’s rib bones. But is this how it truly happened?
    The following, will serve simply as background information.

    In Christian history, it was Eve who tempted Adam to eat the Fatal Fruit. Which lead early Fathers of the Church to hold her and all women to be sinners.

    In the early 2nd century, a church leader known as Tertullian stated to his female listeners:
    "You are the devil's gateway. On account of your desert that is, death - even the Son of God had to die”.

    In the late 1400’s, The Dominican’s (The Order of Preachers) Kramer and Sprengler, Used a similar tracts to bring forth
    “The Malleus Malefic arum”, Or the Hammer of the Witches. This lead to three centuries of witch persecution.

    There are Medieval Jewish rabbi’s who claim, Eve and the first woman are two separate individuals.
    “Preserved in the Midrash, and the mediaeval Alphabet of Ben Sira, this rabbinic tradition held that the first woman refused to take the submissive position to Adam in sex,
    and eventually fled from him, consequently leaving him lonely. This first woman was identified in the Midrash as Lilith, a figure elsewhere described as a night demon”.

    LiyLiyth can also mean “owl screech”.
    Lilith was said to have created demons and ghouls which would prey upon newborn males. Some mythology has taken Lilith and created a Being know as “Lilitu”, a female storm demon from Sumerian origins.

    Although there are many theories and different telling of Adam and Eve, I have seen only the relevance in listing the above.

    The following chapters, shall contain a different style of the first man and woman, and have nothing what so ever to do with the above.

    They Came From Venus...

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    They Came From Venus...

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    very rarely do smilie posts make me lol, but you have succeeded.



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