Hi, i've decided to start with losing the fat ive got instead of bulking, need the confidence to be honest.

Anyway this will be my daily schedule: (notice i cant choose what to eat for lunch/dinner ;S not living by myself).

Breakfast: Oatmeal + extra fiber, water and vitamins + omega 3. L-carnitrine supplement.
Snack#1: fruit, almonds,water/cottage cheese.
lunch: school lunch, try to eat vegetables and healthy stuff.
snack#2: protein shake or same as #1
dinner: whatever parents cook, pretty healthy food here.
snack#3: Dont realy know what to eat here.

I will go to the gym three/four times a week, I will lift, and ride the stationary bike for 30+ min.

my parents are seperated, and when im at my fathers house (each other week) i can ride his stationary bike for 60min+ three times a week.

I think this will do, I want to lose around 5-8 KGs of fat. most likely less.

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