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    Lifts that favor shoulder pain

    For about a month now, I've had some shoulder pain in my right shoulder, more of a stiffness I guess. What lifts can I do that favor that shoulder? From trial and error, it seems any work with dumbbells feels better than the barbell. DB press and shoulder press don't seem to cause any discomfort, but pulldowns and chinups don't feel too swell. Any suggestions?

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    Mecca V.I.P. tim290280's Avatar
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    DB's feel better for presses because you can move into a better pressing motion.

    I.e. your pressing form was shithouse and you need to fix that once your shoulder is better.

    Pulldowns and chinups aggrevate the shoudler capsule because the motion requires a bracing of the shoulder throughout the ROM that can agonise the inflammed or injured parts of the shoulder.

    I.e. your form sucks ballz and you aren't maintaining a retracted set of scapulars that allow the larger muscles to brace the shoulder and instead rely on the smaller muscles that are likely to be injured or will fatigue easily and angonise the shoulder.

    Simple list of do not's:
    No BB presses for awhile
    Nothing behind the neck
    No upright rows
    No lateral raises
    No flys

    External rotations
    Cuban presses
    Emphasis on pulling exercises
    Face pulls
    Scapular retraction
    Activation of lower and middle traps
    Improve form on rows
    Improve form on pullups (and pulldowns if you're going to do them)
    Learn to bench properly with retracted and depressed scapulars and frontal plane elbow flexion (I think that is the correct description)
    etc etc etc

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    LIFT OR DIE El Freako's Avatar
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    Try this exercise out:

    Also, lots of seated cable rows with emphasis on scapular retraction.

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    I will incorporate the scapula retraction



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    go to a chiropractor and see if your scapula has dropped or see if your shoulder is out of alignment. Once the joint is in the correct position if in fact is has dropped then i would listen to Tims post he gave you some excellent suggestions all of which should help stabilize the shoulder that much further


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    A good way to tell if it has dropped or not is just to lean against a wall with your arms out and have somebody look at your shoulder blades from behind. If you have trouble keeping one, or both, in position then you have a problem.


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