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Thread: Cycle support

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    Cycle support

    Hi guys, I,m just want to know if it`s correct to take the AI Cycle support with any PH at the same time, like h- drol or p-plex for example, the Cycle support should be taken in the morning and in the evening, so the thing is this, I have been taking my AI CS at 6:00 am before I go to workand the second before I go to bed, my buddy has been doing the same, this is our third day of the preloading, I have a bottle of H- drol and one of p- plex, the p -plex I will sell it to my gym partner, the next monday we will be starting to take the H-drol and my buddy his P-Plex, the question is, can we take the first pill at the same time with my AI CS? for example like 6:00 am before I go to work, my shake and the h-drol or p-plex? or should we wait a little longer then take the first pill of the day, I`m asking because someone told me to take the first pill once upon awake in the morning. Tell me if any of this is correct, thanks.

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    Yes you should take it with your mentioned compounds. I would go with Life Support instead though just because the Cycle Support is awful tasting. Throw in some CoQ10 as well.

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    It is fine to take it with the PH/DS some people say it will hinder the gains but that is way overblown and even if it were true it is so minimal. Health first and foremost. The newer batches of Cycle Support are better tasting. If you use Life Support just remember it is only 1/2 the dose of Cycle Support so you need twice as much.

    Cycle Support

    Life Support




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