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my new gym shoes. there are great for squatting

What shoes do you train in?
Ironically poorer countries actually use old dress shoes as weightlifting shoes as they have a solid heel, a bit of elevation, and have a solid upper.

I'll try and explain this clearly:

The entire thrust of this thread is to show that you should be spending money on a specialised pair of lifting shoes. These are shoes that are only worn in the gym, not for running, not for tennis, not for basketball, not for "going out". Trying to have a pair of shoes that doubles as something else either means the shoes are crap at both or get worn out very quickly and lose their effectiveness (which you are more likely to notice with lifting). A worn-out or crap pair of lifting shoes is purely pointless as they offer no support and could actually cause injury (or poor form/habits that results in long term injuries).

The other point is that the shoe should preferably be one that is suited to lifting weights in, with the examples being either shoes that were specifically made for the task (O'lifting shoes, Otomix, PLing shoes, etc) or ones that provide a solid support for the foot/body but don't give under load and become unstable (Nike Frees, Chucks, etc, even the dress shoes as I pointed out above).