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    Conditioning program

    My final for my conditioning procedures class was to write my own conditioning program. Here it is. Thought some might find interest in it.

    Goals: As a bodybuilder, my goal is to be successful in my endeavors as a competitive bodybuilder. For my competition on August 22nd, I would like to cut down from my current weight of 218lbs to 195lbs and maintain muscle mass in the process. I would like my muscles to appear dense and full with the minimum amount of body fat possible. Following that competition, I want to build my muscle mass while maintaining a relatively lean body fat percentage. For both my goals I would like to maintain a healthy heart. For the purpose of this examination, I will focus my program on the fat loss aspect I am aiming for in concerns to my next competition.

    Steps necessary to design and implement the program: Before I can properly design and implement my program, I must perform a needs analysis with myself to determine goals and needs. Since my goal has been stated above, to reach the leanest most muscular physique that I can, I will not go into any more detail here. The next step would be to perform testing. The first thing to the testing would be an accurate body fat test. If available, I would like to turn to the accuracy of hydrostatic weighing, however, a more realistic option would be the fairly accurate skin-fold testing. A jackson-pollock three pinch performed by a versed trainer will suffice. Following this, weight should be taken with an accurate scale. Weight will be the least variable right upon waking. The next step is to take the scale weight and multiply it by the body fat percentage to determine lbs of fat weight. Then the fat weight can be subtracted from the scale weight to figure out LBM. The goal of the cutting phase is to minimize loss of scale weight from LBM and maximize it from FM. Next, girth measurements should be taken at the neck, upper arm, forearm, chest, abdomen, hips, thigh, and calf. Any loss in girth as the cut commences should be from loss of fat and not from loss of muscle. An 8RM for bench, squat, and dead lift would be an appropriate option to measure strength loss along the way. Likely the strength would decrease due to the deficit of calories however, it would be a good idea to make sure that the strength does not decrease greater than 25% of its starting point. Following this, a posing session should be included with a bodybuilding judge to assess my physique to find out what I can work on in terms of symmetry and aesthetics as I cut down. Based on what the judge says, I can determine where I am currently and then know where I need to be to be successful in competition. The tests that I have included will allow me to perform my gap analysis. For the gap analysis, I will find my actual needs and distinguish them from the perceived needs or wants. The gap analysis will also allow me to find the difference of where I currently am and where I need to be to become successful. I will need to be below 5% body fat, appear to have dense muscles that are full and vascular, have a symmetrical physique, have a physique will good proportions, and finally maintain aesthetics. Once this has been performed, I will be able to digest all the information and come up with my pro cardiovascular program, resistance training program, flexibility program, and nutritional and supplementation program.

    Components of fitness: I will go over the resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility training, and the nutrition and supplementation program.

    Resistance training- For the resistance training, I am assuming that this will be a twelve week program.

    Weeks 12-8- undulating UB/LB program
    Day one: Heavy legs
    Squat 5x7
    Glute-ham raise 4x8-10
    Leg press 4x8
    Standing calf raises 5x15

    Day two: Light upper
    Incline db press 4x10-12
    One arm db row 4x10-12
    Wide grip up-right row 3x10-12
    Wide grip lat pull down 3x10-12
    Skull crusher 4x12
    Close grip biceps curl bb 4x12

    Day three: off

    Day four: light lower
    Unilateral leg press 3x 18,15,12
    Romanian dead lift 3x 10-12
    Walking lunges 3x 12 steps (each leg)
    Leg extension 2x15
    Donkey calf raise 4x18

    Day five: Heavy upper
    Bench press: 5x 8
    Bent over row: 5x 8
    Standing overhead press 3x 8-10
    Pull up 4x 8-10
    Close grip bench press 4x 8-10
    Wide grip biceps curl 4x 8-10

    Day six: off
    Day seven: off

    The undulating UB/LB program will allow me to work on symmetry.

    Weeks 8-2: Split training

    Day one: Legs
    Squat: 5x 8-10
    Glute-ham raise: 4x 10-12
    Leg press: 3x 10
    Walking Lunges: 3x 15 steps (each leg)
    Leg extension: 2x 15
    Standing calf raise 5x 15

    Day two: Chest and biceps
    Bench press 4x 8-10
    Incline db press 4x 10-12
    Cable fly 3x 12-14
    Neutral grip biceps curl 4x 10
    Preacher curl 3x 12-14

    Day three: off

    Day four: Legs
    Squat: 5x 8-10
    Glute-ham raise: 4x 10-12
    Leg press: 3x 10
    Walking Lunges: 3x 15 steps (each leg)
    Leg extension: 2x 15
    Standing calf raise 5x 15

    Day five: Back and tris
    Pull up 4x 8-10
    Bent over row 4x8-10
    Lat pull down 2x 12-14
    Cable row 2x 12-14
    Dips 4x 10
    Skull crusher 3x 12-14

    Day six: Shoulders and light chest work with abs
    Standing overhead press 4x10
    Wide grip upright row 3x12-14
    Lateral raise 2x 15
    Flat db chest press 4x 12-15
    Db fly 2x15
    Roman chairs 5x 10

    Day seven: off

    The split program is designed to work around my weaknesses which happen to be legs and chest. The workout on day six allows me to pre-exhaust the shoulders before i hit chest. The program allows for overload and progression.

    Week 2-competition
    -UB/LB workouts with drop sets and compound sets to bring out vascularity. No heavy work. Meant to increase density and vascularity.

    Cardiovascular training

    Weeks 12-8
    -20 minutes low intensity cardiovascular training of choice following weight training.

    Weeks 8-4
    -35 minutes of low intensity cardiovascular training of choice following weight training.
    -30 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular training upon waking and 15 minutes after ingestion of powder branched chain amino acids.
    -25 minutes of high intensity interval training on days off of resistance training.

    Weeks 4-1
    - 40 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular training of choice following resistance training.
    -45 minutes of moderate intensity cardiovascular training upon waking and after ingestion of powdered branched chain amino acids.
    -30 minutes of high intensity interval training on days off of resistance training.

    Final week
    -No cardiovascular training in order to allow for muscle separation and visibility in legs.

    Flexibility training

    For all weeks of training I will perform self myofascial release in the form of foam rolling followed by an active dynamic warm-up before my training sessions and following training I will perform full body static stretching. I will focus on holding my static stretches for a minimum of 15 seconds and no longer than 60 seconds. I will avoid ballistic stretching to reduce the risk of injury as this type is only functional to sport specific activities.

    Nutritional program
    12 weeks out 3500 calories 50/30/20
    10 weeks out 3100 calories 40/40/20
    8 weeks out 2800 calories 40/40/20
    6 weeks out 2500 calories 40/40/20
    4 weeks out 2300 calories 30/50/20
    3 weeks out 2100 calories 30/50/20

    This nutritional program will allow me to meet protein requirements in order to stay anabolic but will also allow for fat loss as we decrease the calories and likelihood of fat storage by decreasing carbohydrates.


    Multi source protein powder- Post workout nutrition and occasional meal replacement.
    Creatine- Increased ATP production and stamina
    Beta-alanine- Increased intensity and stamina
    Branched chain amino acids- Decrease chance of catabolism
    Fish oil- Essential fatty acids and heart health
    Green tea- Energy and slight thermogenic with general benefits
    Multi vitamin/mineral- Assist in meeting recommendations
    Maltodextrin- Post workout carbohydrates
    Waxy maize starch- Post workout carbohydrates

    How will my program generate the adaptations necessary to meet my goals?

    One of the biggest things I was able to grasp out of this course in the principle of diminishing returns. This states that positive adaptations to training will slowly diminish if the same program is carried out. To avoid this, progression and overload should be applied to maximize results, reduce chance of over training, and help reach goals. All components of my program work synergistically to produce the same end goal of becoming a successful bodybuilder. Everything from the resistance training to the nutritional program allow for proper progression and periodization to reach the end result at 12 weeks. Both my cardiovascular program and resistance training program are set to increase in overall volume and intensity as the program develops. By doing this, this will allow to generate the adaptations to meet my goals.

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    Just a point of clarification: will the skinfolds be measured by the same person each time? Also will the judge be likely to be your contest judge?

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    Always measured by the same person and the judge will most likely not judge my show.


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    thanks a lot MIke!

    excellent read!

    Conditioning program

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    You have done good research, IMO.

    If u have a plan you can stick to it... get it done like a winner, bro!


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    Now that your contest is over and done with, would you say you would follow this plan again?

    Were there any changes you might make to elicit better conditioning?

    I know you did incredibly well in your competition, so it's obvious that it works, but what kind of conclusions can you make about it?


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