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    bullshit of the day: anabolic Steroids as Life-Threatening as Meth Use

    Jill Atwood, of the ABC 4 News affiliate in Salt Lake City, got caught up in the steroid hysteria at the recent ”Anti-steroid National Assembly Tour” at Alta High School in Sandy, Utah on Monday (”High school steroid use on the rise,” April 7).

    A local high school football coach calls it an epidemic. He’s talking about illegal steroid use, and experts say is as dangerous, unpredictable, and life threatening as meth use.

    The “experts” claiming steroids are as dangerous and deadly as methamphetamines were uncited. The high school coach is Les Hamilton who told his high school student athletes that steroids cause “death, pain and emotional damage.”

    The steroid alarmist message is apparently what passes for steroid education at mainstream public high schools. Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff participated in the steroid education assembly which was funded by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Agency and the Taylor Hooton Foundation.



    hopefully aliens do invade earth and pulverise it, because nothing but BS has come out of planet earth.

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      Saddam Hussein was on steroids, that why the US attacked Iraq. :D:D:D




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