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    For those of you looking to cut or cutting

    For those of you looking to cut or cutting

    We are proud to announce the complete 8 week Fat Loss Stack (FLS)!

    With the FLS, you will get ?

    2 bags of CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid)
    2 bottles of Green Tea capsules
    1 bottle of DermaTherm Target

    The FLS is an 8 week stack that will ramp up your metabolism and assist in fat burning when combined with a low calorie diet and exercise program. The FLS combines three products scientifically proven to be safe and effective fat loss agents that will allow you to shed pounds of unwanted fat, more than just diet and exercise alone.

    There is no hype or guess work about it. All three products in the FLS flat out work and were designed to work together synergistically.

    But don?t take my word for it. Instead, take a look at the human clinical trials that demonstrate the effectiveness of these products and exactly how they work.[/B]

    CLA softgels
    Conjugated linoleic acid

    For those of you looking to cut or cutting

    CLA has the unique ability to create a leaner body by reducing fat storage and increasing protein retention to support lean muscle growth. CLA does this by reducing the action of GLUT-4 (insulin-responsive glucose transporter) in adipose tissue, and increasing its action in muscle tissue. This shifts glycogen storage towards muscle growth rather than fat storage. (1)

    In a normal diet, we get small amounts of CLA through dairy and meat, but since most modern foods are depleted of CLA, it?s necessary to supplement with CLA to get the optimal amount for fat loss.

    Our recommend dose of CLA softgels (4 per day) contains a clinically proven dose of CLA (3.4 grams).

    In one study, men and women who took 3.4 g/day of CLA lost 4 lbs of fat over a 12 week period, while the placebo group gained 3 lbs of fat. (2) CLA has also demonstrated the ability to target fat loss in ?problem areas? dependent upon the sex. For instance, men who took 4.2 g/day of CLA for 4 weeks had significant reductions of fat from the abdominal region. (3) Another study with overweight women showed a significant and targeted reduction of fat tissue around the thighs. (4)

    CLA has been shown to provide these benefits without any side effects after long-term use and is safe for both men and women.

    The FLS includes two bags of CLA softgels, which is an 8 week supply at 4 capsules per day.

    Green Tea capsules
    100% Pesticide free Green Tea

    For those of you looking to cut or cutting

    Green tea has been well established as a safe and effective thermogenic fat loss agent. However, most green tea pills on the market use generic green tea extract from China which is practically guaranteed to have high levels of endocrine disrupting pesticides and other dangerous contaminates (due to the lack of federal regulation against pesticide use and the highly polluted plantation soil in China).

    When we created our Green Tea caps we searched for the purest green tea in the world and found Nutriscience InnovaTea? -- an organic compliant and 100% pesticide free green tea extract sourced from India, analyzed to be 100% free of contamination.

    In addition, our green tea is standardized for an effective dose of polyphenols, catechins and EGCG. Just two capsules of green tea contain the same dose of catechins used in several human studies in which men and women taking green tea lost twice as much body fat as the non-green tea group. (5)

    Our green tea also has a very small amount of naturally occurring caffeine, making it virtually stimulant free. This makes it the perfect product for those who are sensitive to stimulant related side-effects. No insomnia. No rapid heart rate. No jitters.

    The FLS includes 2 bottles of Green Tea capsules, which is an 8 week supply at 3 capsules per day.

    DermaTherm Target
    A topical fat loss cream

    For those of you looking to cut or cutting

    DermaTherm Target is a unique topical fat loss cream that is active directly at the site of application. This makes it a perfect solution for targeting specific ?problem areas? that normally would be difficult to burn off with regular diet and exercise (such as the lower abdomen in men or the thighs in women).

    The main active ingredient in DermaTherm Target is theophylline. Theophylline stimulates cAMP, which ultimately increases lipase activity in the fat cell. (6,7) Lipase is the fat dissolving enzyme that breaks down fat into fatty acids so it can be used for energy. (7) Therefore, it?s important to be following a low calorie diet in order to utilize these fatty acids before they are re-deposited elsewhere.

    Several human studies have confirmed the effectiveness of theophylline in reducing fat mass at the site of application during a low calorie diet. (8-11) In one study with men and women, theophylline reduced waist circumference 110% over the control group. (9) In another study, women who used theophylline cream around their thighs for 5 weeks had up to a 300% reduction in thigh circumference over the placebo group. (8)

    DermaTherm Target further enhances the fat loss process with raspberry ketone and evodiamine to assist in lipolysis and lipase activity. (12,13)

    The FLS includes 1 bottle of DermaTherm Target, which is an 8 week supply at 2 pumps per day.

    8 Week Fat Loss Stack (FLS) Cycling Instructions

    For those of you looking to cut or cutting


    The stack may be continued for up to 12 weeks
    Apply DermaTherm Target in the morning to "problem areas" after a shower.
    Split CLA dose into 2 doses per day, taken with meals.
    Split Green Tea dose into 2-3 doses per day, taken with meals.

    Instead of just throwing together a diluted concoction of popular ingredients, we have put together truly functional ingredients backed by real research, which produce real results.

    And remember, we guarantee you will be satisfied with our products. If for any reason the FLS doesn?t live up to your expectations, just return it for a full refund (If purchased directly from Primordial Performance).

    For those of you looking to cut or cutting

    I?d like to thank you for reading this news release and supporting Primordial Performance!

    Yours in health & fitness,

    Eric Potratz
    Primordial Founder & President


    Phone ? 1-800-568-2924
    Email - info@primordialperformance.com
    Visit - Primordial Performance

    References -

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    For a limited time the Complete Fat Loss Stack for 49.95

    Enter the coupon code 49FATLOSS at http://www.primordialperformance.com...oss-Stack.html

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    i very much doubt your allowed to advertise so.....


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    For those of you looking to cut or cutting

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    For those of you looking to cut or cutting

    My log - read it f*ckers!

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    ^^yes it is


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