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Thread: omnadren pct

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    omnadren pct

    hi guys, just started my first cycle of omnadren at 500 per week, thats 2 shots mon and thu. i got proviron for pct along with it, but ive got mixed opinions on proviron, some say its good for pct others say its got nothing to do with pct. what should i go with, nolva perhaps?

    also, should i keep with 2 shots a week or should i go up to 3 a week as a beginner?



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    Proviron basically just lowers your SHBG levels, which is why it's used on cycle. Winny also does the same thing along with another compound that I can't remember.

    As for PCT you need to buy some Novadex or Clomid, HCG won't be needed.

    The compound you are using is by far the worst hormone. The different test esters make it to where you need to notice I said "need" to inject everyday to keep blood levels stable. People normally just inject twice a week and get by, but if I were you I'd pin everyday or EOD.




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