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.. I want this game begins now! .. :bball::bball:

Phil Heath 13 Weeks to Glory Phase II
I beleive dexter took this pose (but im not trying to ague) If dexter had the conditioning he had at the 08 arnold classic, he wouldve tooken it even easier. Im really happy dexter won but i wouldnt have been upset if phil one..... although i do beleive phil deserved AT LEAST 2nd place, he looked better than jay.

I also beleive that when phil takes it, he will be there for around 6 years or so. he's a freak and he grows really well. the only way Dexter would take it again this year is if he holds on to a lot of the mass he put on (because he loses a lot of mass while dieting) and comes in supper ripped, unlike in 08