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    ^^ Exactly what I was trying to say.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BigBen View Post
    Phil heath weighed 270 lbs 275 in the offseason kai weighs 310 lbs
    What did trey brewer weigh in his offseason?? ...doesn't make him the best by any means


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    Mecca V.I.P.
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    awesome improvements, his back is much better, catching up to kai now.

    his arms just over power his body to much though, idk makes him look a bit weird to me, not proportionate.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jk1 View Post
    but alot of kais offseason pounds are pure "gutmass" and high bodyfat. I know he is bigger than phil, but their weight gets closer come competitionday than offseason.
    :iorofl: @ kai having high bodyfat

    Quote Originally Posted by HandyMart777 View Post
    What did trey brewer weigh in his offseason?? ...doesn't make him the best by any means
    Trey and kai have nothing in common. Trey had to be 6foot whatever to weigh 300lbs even kai is above 300 and leaner at 5'8. Kai > trey not even a discussion.


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    Mecca V.I.P. tim290280's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by dilatedmuscle View Post
    I disagree, phil is already on his way of becoming a mass monster, kai is/will be a mass monster, and wolf is a mass monster these guys are the future top 3 olympia competitors. People talk about mass monsters as if its a bad thing, phill has been getting better and better the more mass he puts on and he needs to put on even more mass to make his flaws disapear. I bet Phile is gonna be the most muscular guy at the olympia in by 2011 if not before that. Phil Will be a mass monster but he will look awesome while being a mass monster. This is a new era but i think most people will still try to get as big as they can, the only difference is that they will pay more attention to their guts.

    As far as palumbo goes, he obviously had very bad abdominal genetics plus all the drugs made things far worse but you have to admit, palumbo was able to get more shredded than 99% of bodybuilders while holding a ton of mass.
    Mass Monsters ruined this sport.

    But to say that guys with tight lines are in that category isn't really fair.

    And Palumbo actually had a good physique prior to about 2000.
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBen
    LOL look im not knocking Phil he looks great, but i think it is hilarious that everyone is just wiping all the other competitors under the mat b/c they have seen one video of Phil. I am looking forward to the olympia, but to say that anyone has won it yet and to count out Kai based off of seeing on phil heath guest posing is well stupid really when number one Kai out weighs phil by what 40lbs and is mabye 1 inch taller and just as conditioned, and number 2 kai has been in the game much longer than Phil.

    Phil definitely has genetics on his side and is always improving, this should be a great mr olympia contest.
    I know that a lot of the comments sound like arse kissing, but lets be realistic. Kai's recent photos show that he has a lot of fat to lose in these next few weeks. Wolf still has his weaknesses as far as I can tell. Dex is looking pretty sharp and bigger, but I don't know that he has improved as much as Phil. Jay will be an interesting one, but I think his time of top 2-3 may be over. Who else do we need to look at?

    Phil already looks good.

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